7 Stress-Relieving Gifts to Help Boost Mental Health

7 Stress-Relieving Gifts to Help Boost Mental Health
7 Stress-Relieving Gifts to Help Boost Mental Health

The times are tough and needless to say, we all went through a roller coaster this year. While most of us did unlock new challenges in the pandemic, we learned one thing for sure- mental health is essential. Add to this the caged feeling that we initially felt with the onset of the global pandemic by staying inside our home all the time. Inevitably this took a toll on our patience and many people’s mental health. 

Now that we are stepping into the holiday season, the most awaited time of the year, things can still get onto our nerves. Feeling anxious or stressed can still be prevalent. However, it should not be normalized or overlooked. In this time of hustle and bustle that somehow affects our mental state as well, we need to take special care of ourselves and our loved ones. Gifting something special and thoughtful to yourself or your dear ones can help a lot in these times. So, here goes a list of stress-relieving gifts to help boost mental health

  • Morning Journal 

Morning journals are a little different from the usual planners that let you plan or note your to-do list. You can indulge in this every morning to write some good and positive notes for yourself. Say, you came across a happy experience yesterday. You can note the good things about it in this journal and begin your day on an optimistic note. You can even write small, happy, and encouraging words for yourself to keep up your spirits. Make sure that your precious morning journal sends out good vibes. 

  • Coffee Mug Warmer 

Haven’t you liked having a warm mug filled with the perfect coffee in between your office hours? Yes, indeed. Well, you can think of gifting this warm and special gift to your loved one as well. Not just the coffee, the gift will also light up their mood and day. No longer will they worry about sipping the lukewarm coffee only to be annoyed at the end. With the coffee mug warmer, they can now sip it at their pace and work calmly. The best part is that they will always be thankful for it!

  • Face Masks

Who would not love to pamper their skin on the weekend? Imagine giving your face a stress-free experience by putting a cool and calming mask on it. That’s what an ideal weekend morning should be like for you or your loved ones. These masks help the skin exfoliate, hydrate, and helps remove excess oil. You would love to enjoy a spa-like experience at home by spending only a small amount of money. So, let your weekend add freshness to your face and life as well. 

  • A Good Book 

Sending a good book to a book lover friend of yours would count as one of the most special stress-relieving gifts for them. The reason being their fondness for good books and the activity itself being therapeutic. A Sunday afternoon with a cup of tea and a good book will just light up their day so well. You can look for recommendations on the web or recall the kind of books your friend loves to read. The best that you can do is gift them the sequel of the book they have been longing to buy and read. 

  • Massage Roller 

Now that’s something very thoughtful for your grandpa, grandma, or even your all-day busy parents. Gift them a good massage roller and send a happy note along with that. They would be more than delighted to receive such a kind gesture and you will be showered with blessings in return. A good quality massage roller will help them reduce their physical stress and they can happily go for the long morning walk. Ask them to try it on their calves or the bottom of their feet and see the results.

  • Teabags 

Tea is loved by a lot of people around the world. And if you know someone who loves it quite a lot and is going through a little difficult time as well, then you got the hints right. Look for the perfect tea bags online or in your nearest stores and send them a box of love and warmth. Not just the usual ones, you can make them try different varieties of tea. You can find an affordable box of Chamomile or Lavender tea bags and send them a box of love this season. 

  • Recommend a calming game 

Not many are familiar with the fact that there are various online games to help calm down stress. A soothing gaming experience like the ones offered in the Soap Bubble game can help you relieve your stress. These games have one thing in common, they are specially made to do away with stress and enjoy passively. So, once you have explored the best ones on the play store, do not forget to share them with your loved ones too. They will thank you for the stress-buster game


Facing stress or anxiety has probably happened to every one of us at some point in time. While reasons could be many, we must look forward to making ourselves and our near and dear ones have a stress-free time by indulging in calming activities. We hope these gift ideas will help you feel better.