5 Best Xbox Pass Games on Android 2022

5 Best Xbox Pass Games on Android 2022
5 Best Xbox Pass Games on Android 2022

Android gamers have a new world of possibilities for playing games with their smartphones thanks to cloud gaming through Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, previously called Project xCloud. If you go through the complete list of games that you can play, you’ll see that there are more than 200 games, which can be a bit overwhelming.

We’ve got you back and have picked the top games from the list we believe are worth checking out first. This isn’t an exhaustive list, and Microsoft offers a huge cloud gaming library packed with amazing games.

You’ll find some games disappear and come back, which is the nature of Game Pass. However, we’ll ensure to keep this updated as often as we can so that you will always have the latest games on your mobile. We’ve also put together a list of the top phones to play Game Pass. Also, you’ll need a controller for all Games (save some) before you play, so be sure to take a look at our recommendations for the top controllers available for Game Pass on Android, also! Take a look at five Games with Xbox emulator Android in 2022.

List of 5 Best Xbox Pass Games on Android

#1 Celeste

There’s not a genre that indie developers have developed quite like the platformer. Celeste is beautiful, and with its beauty and challenges, it is among the most challenging and enjoyable available. You control Madeline and must assist the girl in “face her inner demons” when she reaches an apex of majestic Celeste Mountain. You can imagine that it’s not an easy climb up to the summit as you leap and air-dash over obstacles that could cause death to Madeline just by touching her.

It’s the challenge of Celeste that makes this story stay in your head and has been called a “masocore” title. Every single part is difficult, and you’ll need to go through them over and over repeatedly to win. If you’ve loved games like Super Meat Boy or the Binding of Isaac, you might recognize some similarities with Celeste. However, the controls are easy, and the soundtrack is among the top in the world of gaming, making it extremely easy to get immersed in Celeste. If you’re looking for an arduous but fun indie platformer, This is the game for you.

#2 Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

After its release on Android through Game Pass, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is now available on every platform currently available. It’s easy to see why it’s essential for those who play. It’s the latest installed version of The Elder Scrolls RPG series, Skyrim offers a vast open world with lots of quests to quickly get distracted from the main plot. Skyrim is a major part of Bethesda RPG. Bethesda RPG library, in addition, its Special Edition available on Game Pass, includes all of the additional features.

If you’re searching for an RPG that’s available on Game Pass, you’re in good company: a lot of Bethesda’s other games are now on Game Pass alongside Skyrim. However, if you’re looking to play an enjoyable fantasy RPG with numerous quests and stories, Skyrim is your go-to. Skyrim is even getting a 10-year anniversary update that includes Skyrim Anniversary Edition. There’s nothing that we could say about Skyrim that hasn’t already been mentioned in the 10 years that it’s been in existence. It’s among the most memorable and influential RPGs that came out in the 2010s and is still enjoyable to revisit even when you’ve played it previously and is a great choice for people who want to get into it using Xbox Game Pass.

#3 Grounded

Grounded is a game by Obsidian that is well-known for its amazing RPGs that combines “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids” with survival, with some horror added to add some spice. If you’re an arachnophobe, take note of the game. I’ll be honest with you. This isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, but it’s been received well so far.

The game lets you play as micro-humans trying to make it through the jungle, which is your backyard. You’ll face off against poisonous mites, spiders as well as hungry larvae, and other staples of survival like thirst and hunger. It’s a tough game, and it can feel difficult for novice players. With some practice and a bit of determination and determination, you’ll be ahead of the game. Our friends on Windows Central have done a fantastic job putting together information for the game, so if you choose to play Grounded and want to learn more, look over their content. If you’re beginning, there’s an easy-to-follow guide for new players.

#4 Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite was one of the most sought-after titles of 2014, and when it debuted on the market in March, it didn’t disappoint gamers. It seemed to go to the beginnings that inspired this Halo series and has an older-style feel to its gameplay and a return to the best in the multiplayer arena.

Although playing Halo Infinite through xCloud may not be the ideal way to play this game (lag and issues with latency in multiplayer games have made some players dissatisfied), It’s superior to not playing the game at all. It doesn’t matter if you’re dipping in to find out what happens next in Master Chief’s story unfold or simply wanting to get additional games of Team Slayer in. You’re likely to not be able to pass up Halo Infinite regardless of how you decide to play it.

#5 Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight is, without any doubt, my most beloved indie game of the past decade. It’s a nearly flawless Metroidvania with a fantastical world full of stories, characters, and fascinating places to visit. It’s an amazing game that I’ve played through to the end, both PC as well as Switch, because that’s the way I feel about it.

It captures the lonely and lonely atmosphere of Super Metroid. The story is extremely engaging thanks to its Souls-like obtuseness. It makes you determine what’s happening and what transpired in the past to make the current situation. You’re Hollow Knight, Hollow Knight, a lone person equipped with a sword seeking to discover what transpired in Hallownest, a sprawling underground kingdom. There’s a lot to do and see and unlock, as well as a variety of abilities and an array of objects to discover to help you get through your quest or even to gain access to previously restricted areas. In keeping with Hollow Knight’s Metroidvania game, Hollow Knight is an endlessly entertaining game.

Microsoft hasn’t been kind to us when it comes to the number of games you can play via cloud gaming using Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. We’ll make sure to bring this list up to date as new games are released. Every game included on this list was reviewed by us and has received our utmost recommendation.