5 Best Bars in Bangkok To Visit On Your Thailand Trip

For those of you avid travellers out there, Bangkok is most definitely one of the go-to travel destinations on your lists! Not only is the region bursting with life, but it also happens to be one of the most sought after destinations, by tourists from across the world. One cannot help but feel the urge to make their way to this region, at least one in their lifetime. 

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Whether it’s the culture you’re wanting to explore, sightsee your way throughout the place or maybe even indulge in some of the yummiest of food, this is just the place for you. It makes for the best of vacations and will undoubtedly leave you with an unforgettable trip. 

Most tourists travel almost half the world to explore Bangkok but are left unaware of one of the most popular attractions here. Well, the place also happens to be the hub when it comes to bars. Tourists can get ready to be thoroughly entertained at some of the amazing bars, present here. Bangkok makes for the best of bar scenes and most definitely calls for a visit. 

So if you’re in the region for the very first time, make sure you stop over at some of the best bars, here. To make your job easier, we’ve given you a list of some of the most popular bars in Bangkok. 

1. Lennon’s at the Rosewood 

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For those of you looking for the best of the best in Bangkok, the ‘Lennon’s at the Rosewood,’ is just the place for you. It makes for the greatest of experiences and also gives tourists a memorable night to remember. The bar has continued to garner the attention of a plethora of tourists worldwide and remains one of the most popular attractions, even today.

Tourists are in for a visual treat, as they make their way through the pathways of this extensive bar. With some of the best decor to welcome them, one cannot help but feel like you’re in heaven. It truly provides a surreal experience. 

2. Spectrum Lounge and Bar 

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The ‘Spectrum Lounge and Bar,’ offers tourists a unique and most definitely different experience, altogether. Known to be one of the go-to bars in Bangkok, one cannot miss out on a stopover here. Tourists can make themselves comfortable on any which floor that they please, all in accordance with their mood for that time. 

Great food, coupled with amazing music and of course the stunning ambience; what could possibly be better than that. Whether it’s the intricate decor or the breathtaking art; the place is sure to give you one of the best experiences. So if you’re looking for a truly unique setting, with the best of bar environments; this is where you should be headed towards, next. 

3. The Loft at the Waldorf Astoria 

The ‘Loft at the Waldorf Astoria,’ gives tourists the opportunity to be part of one of the best explorations in Bangkok. The bar enables you to travel all the way back in time, to the year nineteen thirty-four. Known to be inspired by the ‘Old Waldorf-Astoria Bar,’ a book that gained much acclaim at that time, the bar majorly resonates with the book. 

Tourists wanting to visit the bar can be sure that they’re in for one of the best bar experiences. The entire place is filled with stunning artwork of famous and renowned artists thus, making it the home to antique and unique pieces of work. Be sure to be pleasantly surprised and taken aback as you explore the place for yourselves. 

4. The Photo Booth

The ‘Photo Booth,’ gives tourists a whole new vibe to be part of, during their Bangkok vacation. Though the place in itself may prove to be rather hard to locate, once you’ve made your way here; there truly is no turning back. Created by the revolutionists of some of the most famous settings in Bangkok, the bar is a whole new experience. 

Whether it’s the delicious food, great ambience, amazing folks or maybe in the creative drinks; the bar has a unique touch to it. So ensure, you don’t miss out on this spectacular place, when in Bangkok.  

5. Tropic City 

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The ‘Tropic City,’ is yet another highly acclaimed and widely recognised bar in Bangkok. The place has continued to witness large crowds, all through the years. Known to provide the best of best bar menus in Bangkok, much has been said about this amazing place. Tourists looking for a night to remember should most definitely make their way towards this bar. It truly will be one of the best decisions you’ve made, during the course of your stay in Bangkok.

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