4 Natural Methods To Improve Your Digestive System

4 Natural Methods To Improve Your Digestive System
4 Natural Methods To Improve Your Digestive System

More than 80% of British adults suffer from some kind of digestive issue. While 30% of these gastrointestinal disorders can be contributed to stress, poor diet, alcohol, and insomnia are the other contributing factors. Digestive issues are not life-threatening but can result in other health hazards and even lead to heart blockages. Hence, if you are suffering from indigestion, it is time that you focus on some effective treatments as soon as possible. 

Amending your diet is the first step towards fighting against indigestion. If you can identify the foods that you are intolerant to, you can avoid or limit taking them. But sometimes, even some healthy food items may give rise to bloating or gastrointestinal issues, like whole grains, brown rice, lentils, corn, potatoes, oats, bran, and peas. So what should you do? 

There are many drugs for indigestion, but if you are uncomfortable with the idea of consuming too many medicines regularly, you may try some natural methods. Scroll on!

Do not sleep just after your meal

Experts believe that insomnia can lead to stress, which, in turn, can cause indigestion. In a busy schedule, it can be tempting to get to bed just after your meal, but it is recommended otherwise. Take your time to relax before and after every meal and do not lie down at least before 30 minutes of dining. And make sure you have enough sleep (6-7 hours) before you start your busy day. It will give your system enough time to digest the meal. 

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Drink green tea

Centuries ago, people in ancient India and China consumed herbal tea to aid in digestion. Green tea is just a modern term used to commercialize the natural effects of such herbal teas. Buy high-quality green tea from a reliable organic food store to reduce indigestion to a considerable extent. It has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce stomach bloating, as well as inflammatory bowel diseases. Polyphenols called catechins are present in green tea and are powerful antioxidants. These elements help reduce the chances of colitis, an intestinal disorder that causes ingestion in many people. 

Cut down on alcohol consumption

Many people have the habit of suiting with a glass of wine or beer after every meal, binge-watching their favourite shows. It may sound relaxing but is quite unhealthy for your digestive system. Alcohol can produce acids in the body that lead to indigestion, stomach bloating, gas, and even ulcers. It may also cause massive changes to the gut bacteria that help treat indigestion. You should reduce your alcohol consumption and not make it a regular thing to improve digestion naturally. 

Include essential nutrients in your diet

Some nutrients aid in digestion more than others. Include foods rich in those nutrients in your diet to help reduce stomach bloating and irritation. Zinc, Probiotics, glutamine, and fibre-rich foods can help with digestion. An organic food store online will have all the essential information about each product that you can refer to while ordering. It is best to choose foods that have high nutritional properties and improve your digestive system as well. 

Do you have any other idea to reduce gastrointestinal issues? Feel free to share!