3 Tips for Creating Stunning Window Boxes

3 Tips for Creating Stunning Window Boxes3 Tips for Creating Stunning Window Boxes3 Tips for Creating Stunning Window Boxes3 Tips for Creating Stunning Window Boxes3 Tips for Creating Stunning Window Boxes3 Tips for Creating Stunning Window Boxes3 Tips for Creating Stunning Window Boxes
3 Tips for Creating Stunning Window Boxes

Window boxes as the name depict comes with a cut out in any side or top of the box or the lid which is then covered with plastic, florescent or tinted film that enhances the appearance of the box. These window boxes are made up of paperboard, corrugated cardboard, Kraft paper, or in rigid boxes that are the most strong and expensive in relation to another paperboard packaging. There is no restriction of the shape and size or in the designing and printing of these boxes that helps in brand recognition and presentation of the product.

It is the most sustainable and cost-efficient packaging material available in the market. Almost 95% of the products fail to make it to the shelves at the retailer and fail to impress customers because customers do not have time to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of the product while standing in front of the aisle full of competitive brands and their alluring packaging. A shortcut to choose a product is the product’s packaging, which makes it important to pack your product in the most expressive and impressive way that compel customers to get the product you are offering.

Luxury Packaging For brands

There are a lot of famous, high-end, and luxury brands that have their signature packaging boxes that are more famous than the products they offer. Such packaging that can instantly be identified perfectly explains the need and importance of packaging in today’s world. Tricks, tips, and techniques are uncountable, but the main thing that makes your packaging stand out in the market is creativity, imagination, originality, and uniqueness. Packaging these days comes in all the shapes and sizes like;

  • Cube boxes
  • Flip open boxes
  • Pillow boxes
  • Magnetic closure boxes
  • Lid boxes
  • Â Window cut boxes

The most sensational and the revolutionary packaging boxes are window cut boxes. Let us look into window boxes and see what makes them the most high-in-demand and how can you create a stunning window cut box for your product.

1. Unique shape

Window packaging boxes have a custom-designed cutout in the box on the side, front, or on the lid as desired by the customer. These cutouts in the boxes are covered with different material that keeps the box intact, strong, and prevents the dust from getting into the box yet make the product visible to the eyes of the customers.

The shape is not limited to the shape of the cut out when it comes to custom window boxes as these windows are not only limited to a particular type of a box. It can be made on every type of box with the use of die-cutting technique like;

  • Gable boxes
  • Pillow boxes
  • Cylindrical boxes
  • Hexagonal boxes
  • Lid boxes
  • Flip open boxes
  • Rigid boxes and many more.

You can choose the shape of the box first that goes with the product and can keep its product safe and then get the cutout in different shapes, patterns, and text to give uniqueness to your packaging, unlike any other box.

2. Customization

Customization is an amazing facility that allows people to go beyond the boundaries and create the packaging of their choice that speaks for their brand and the product in a way that cannot be done by a regular packaging. Window packaging keeps all the focus on the product, which is the main quality of these boxes. It helps in different ways as by showcasing the product it diverts all the attention towards the product, secondly, it helps customers in making purchase decision which otherwise if difficult in the cases where the product is not visible and customers do not have any idea of what is it that they are going to get.

Customization can be done in ways that enhance the appearance of the box.

  • The use of fluorescent, holographic, and tinted films to cover the cut out gives an aesthetic appeal to the box rather than going for a plain plastic covering.
  • Minimalistic designs go perfect with window cut boxes because of the visibility of the product. The use of messy designs and patterns on these boxes can dull the excitement of the cutouts and will make it just another overdone designing.
  • The logo of the company is a must for any packaging as it creates brand recognition in the customers and helps in advertising the company.
  • Lamination is a life turning event for the packaging boxes as it is a covering in glossy or matte that gives a smooth finish to the box.
  • Foiling is a technique of metallic patterning on the boxes. It can be used for the text, logos, images, patterns, and what not to give a really luxurious look to the boxes.
  • Embossing is a method of writing in raised ink that can be used for the right text of the most important.

3. Sustainable packaging

The class comes when style combines with responsible and functional aspects of the packaging like eco-friendliness. Window boxes ideas are flooding with the increase of new and advanced technology that not only gives a spellbinding outlook to the boxes but also provide bio-degradable and eco-friendly packaging.

A packaging that does contribute to the betterment of the environment is always appreciated by the customers that help in getting more sales, customer’s loyalty, and positive brand image in the market and among the customers. Custom packaging provides opportunities to the companies in the form of a blank canvas where they can use all the space to create an image of the brand or the way they want their customers to see them as a brand. There is no restriction on the type of printing, choice of material, or any other problem that can stop you from touching the sky.