11 Useful Housewarming Gift Ideas

11 Useful Housewarming Gift Ideas
11 Useful Housewarming Gift Ideas

Even though moving to a new place can be tiring and stressful, it’s definitely something worth celebrating. People close to you are starting a new life chapter, which requires some freshness in their new home. Have you been invited to the housewarming party? Bringing a housewarming gift is the least you can do! 

What kind of gift should you bring? Different people expect and value different things. No matter how well you know the person, nothing seems perfect enough for a great gift. Luckily, we’ve put together a list of heart-melting housewarming gifts ideas you can use when creating an ideal gift for that special someone!

1. In a snap of fingers

One of the greatest things you can give to someone is time. Why would they waste it on something trivial, such as vacuuming, when you can give them an automatic vacuum cleaner? Surprise dear people in your life by providing them with a robotic cleaner that can help them save time and energy.

Most automatic vacuum cleaners can be set up on the smartphone. They detect debris, dirt, and crumbs on the floor and vacuum them. Owners can even set the desired path for their new robot pet and your friend or family will surely appreciate such a thoughtful gift.

2. Surprise a coffee lover

Is your coffee lover moving into a new home? That can be a disaster for them as their favourite coffee shop can now be kilometers away. But they shouldn’t worry because they’ve got a fantastic friend in you! So, surprise your coffee lover with a coffee machine that makes their favourite beverage.

If you know what kind of coffee is their favourite, you shouldn’t have a problem choosing an adequate coffee machine for their new home. When choosing a coffee machine, make sure that it can easily be refilled and cleaned after use. 

3. Chef’s kiss

Everybody has that one friend that is crazy about cooking and trying out different dishes. If they are moving to a new location, there is your gift idea! Even though they would probably equip their kitchen very well, no one will say no to a set of chef’s knives that perfectly cut every ingredient.

Since having high-quality knives is quite an investment, your friend will surely appreciate the gift. If knives aren’t an option, consider getting them a new frying pan or cute pots that will remind them of you. That’s a very thoughtful, yet practical gift for every household.

4. Spice it up

A lot of people dream about having a beautiful kitchen where they can let their imagination run wild. Usually, they equip the kitchen with every possible pot, pan, and cutlery necessary for cooking. However, they frequently forget that their kitchen can also have a homey and aesthetically appealing vibe. So, what can you do?

Instead of the plain gifts, bestow a unique spice rack on them. Different spices can add some colour to space and make it livelier. On top of that, they will be very useful when cooking various exotic dishes! It’s a gift everyone can enjoy.

5. The perfect scent

Have you noticed how each space has a distinctive scent that reminds you of that location? Your home may smell like lavender, while your favourite coffee shop can spread a wonderful scent of fresh cinnamon buns. However, new places often smell…blank. It’s up to you to change that!

If you value a good and relaxing scent in a home, consider gifting candles or air fresheners as a housewarming gift. It will make their home smell unique and contribute to the homey and cosy feeling. Even incense sticks are a fantastic idea if your friends value meditation and an otherworldly mindset.

6. Bring the light in

Naturally, every home has light fixtures installed. In addition to that, windows are more than enough to bring the natural light inside. So, why would you choose something as absurd as lighting for a gift? If you consider this thing closely, it’s not about the light. It’s about increasing the decorative value of their home!

If they have more than enough lamps and light fixtures, provide them with a gorgeous chandelier that will match and enhance the entire interior. On the other hand, if they are not fans of glamorous things hanging above their heads, go boho and implement hanging string lights into their home. Who wouldn’t enjoy such a relaxing and cosy atmosphere?

7. Bookworm’s paradise

It’s commonly known that bookworms like to spend as much time as they can reading new books and obtaining new knowledge. So, consider creating a bookworm-appropriate gift your friend will surely love! 

They probably have more than enough books in their collection. However, if you do decide to go for a book, you won’t make a mistake there. On the other hand, if you’d like something more original, you can gift them original display shelves that will make their books stand out in their home. It’s a lovely idea that will surely brighten their day.

8. For a cosy corner

Whether your friend is a bookworm, couch potato, or just regular folk, no one will say no to a cosy corner in their home! Even though purchasing an armchair would be a bit excessive, you can present them with comfy accessories that will make their home more comfortable. So, what should you give?

There’s no such thing as too much throw blankets, pillows, and cushions! Surprise them with beautiful cushions and cosy blankets that will make their interior pop out. This type of gift will increase the decorative value of their home and make it cosier and more comfortable for everyday life.

9. A wall of memories

Nothing says “I love my home” more than personal details that display your character. Your friends probably didn’t have enough time to think about the little personal details, as they’ve just moved in. However, you can be a few steps ahead of them and create an amazing personalised gift they’ll love.

Surprise them with a magnificent gift that will leave them in awe. Create a memory wall with your best memories together and add style to their home. Choose frames of different colours and sizes and incorporate them all into one big piece of art that will make their home look unique. 

10. Welcome to heaven

Choosing a housewarming gift for a special person in your life can be really challenging. Finding a gift with a nice warm touch that will make them say: “This feels like home.” can be frustrating. Nothing is perfect enough! You might be torn apart between choosing something practical and personal. Why don’t you go for both? 

Instead of choosing between two great features, merge them into a useful yet personal gift. Consider gifting them personalised doormats that will make them feel like they are at home at last. Besides adding the curb appeal to their new home, personalised doormats will also keep their home tidy and clean!

11. Greenery for a fresh start

Is there a better way to say: “I’ve got style” than by having beautiful green plants in your home? Since this is a housewarming party, your friends probably didn’t have enough time to add character to their space. So, why don’t you surprise them with majestical indoor plants?

Gifting plants that look great is cool, but gifting plants that have a significant meaning also is even better. If you want to attract positive energy and money into their new home, consider getting them a money tree. Taking care of a money tree can be a bit tricky, so think about hand-writing a manual for them.


As you can see, there are various gift ideas for a perfect housewarming present. Depending on what’s the host like, you can choose something that will complete their home design, have personal value or both! Be creative and your gift will surely be appreciated!