Winter Is Coming; and so is Minimalist’s Winter care routine!

Winter care routine
Winter care routine

Winter is just around the corner and with people picking out their jackets and sweatshirts for the season, there is one more thing that they need to watch out for – Minimalist’s range of skincare products that will brighten up your not-so-sunny mornings.

Winters mean dry air which can steal your skin’s best friend – Moisture. Every skin reacts differently to this weather condition; oily skin may produce more oil to compensate the oils for dehydrated skin while dry skin can become flakier, patchier, and drier than usual. However, there is a one-stop-solution to all these problems –moisturization and hydration.

Thankfully, for our winter soldiers, products by Minimalist can solve the problem of this chilly season. Mentioned below are the products that can help you fight off the cold weather with ever so beautiful and healthy skin:

Serums with Humectant such as Hyaluronic Acid

Dehydrated skin is different from dry skin, therefore, it is essential to hydrate your skin and moisturize it. The right way to apply hyaluronic acid or any humectant is on damp skin, so that there is enough water for humectants to draw into the skin and make it plum. Following it up with emollients or light moisturizing serums such as Squalane will then make your skin armoured for the entire day.

Daily Antioxidant serums

There are many serums which may be used for benefiting your skin but end up drying your face in winters. This is because some serums are not meant to be used in winters and using these serums can have an adverse effect on your skin, making it drier. To solve your problem, Antioxidant serums like Niacinamide by Minimalist can help your skin fight off the skin irritation and control the naturally occurring oils as well.

Many people are of the view that since Niacinamide is used to control oils, it may make your skin drier and flakier but a lower concentration of Niacinamide, i.e., 5%, with humectant by Minimalist, can become your favorite serum to apply in winters. As dry skin is more prone to sun damage because it lacks a protective barrier, Niacinamide helps in restoring that barrier and reduces sun damage as it is an antioxidant. Following it up with moisturizer and sunscreen can give you healthier-looking skin for the rest of the day.

Natural Emollients or lightweight moisturizers

Emollients make your skin soft and smooth while also helping it in combating dryness. This, in turn, also reduces water loss from your skin. Squalane by Minimalist is a product derived from the olive plants and is close in structure to the naturally occurring form of Squalene. This product penetrates pores and improves the skin at the cellular level. It also thickens the skin barrier and helps in increasing its elasticity. There you have it!