Why Visitors Ignore Your Website?

Why Visitors Ignore Your Website?
Why Visitors Ignore Your Website?

As a business owner, you do everything that comes under the umbrella of making a user-friendly website. So much so, that it may generate higher traffic as well! disregarding the entirety of this, Have you achieved your goals? Are you able to publish the quality content and create backlinks to increase the website traffic? 

We give you an insight into some of the weak points that many website owners do not notice. Read further to know more!

Your website is very slow

One of the studies has stated that an average user usually wait for 2 to 3 seconds for a web page to load. Nobody wishes to wait more than three seconds on a website to attain the desired information that they are looking for. Another aspect is that if you are the owner of such a slow website, you will not get enough user attraction and the website will put off the target audience. Did you know? Amazon has lost almost 16 billion because of the delay of one second in the website loading. Try optimizing your website with images to improvise on the speed and the accuracy of the page loading.

Responsive website

Most of the users switch to mobile for searching for their desired results. There are fewer desktop users as compared to mobile users. Hence, most of the search engines which include Google also give more attention to the websites that are mobile responsive or say, both mobile and desktop responsive. Make sure that you optimize your website on every platform such as laptops, tabs, mobile phones, etc. such that the user is able to enjoy the content any time anywhere. 

A website that has too many pop-ups

Pop-ups do increase the conversion rate. But when you have an endless number of pop-ups, it will irritate the user and they will leave the site on the web page as it is. Make sure that you are doing the judicious use of the pop-ups. Always keep the following notes on your website when you have a pop-up option:

  • Easy alternative to dismissing the pop-up block. 
  • No pop-up for returning visitors.

Attractive website layout

An attractive website layout is appealing enough for driving more and more audience. If you have a great UI base, friendly navigation, enough gifs, and animation, it will definitely focus on sharing the content in the right manner to the users. It will attract the user to stay on the web page.


Make sure that you provide enough information for the users to find sufficient relevant information on the homepage. They might just click on your contact page for engaging in your product/services. 

All this, the Website Content also plays an important role for user engagement, If your content is creative than the user spends more time on your website.

Let’s Look at some Great Content Impacts on Your Business Positively.

Content Marketing
Content Marketing

“Content is king” is quite a famous saying that you may have heard of. Do you also know that with great content, your business too can be the industry king?

You may be baffled to realize that the quality of content can make or break the success of your business. From negative to positive, there can be an impact on your business depending on the quality of it. Thus, regardless of the industry to which you belong, great content matters. Let’s elaborate a bit more about this.

Great Content Means Great Visibility

Content that promotes not-so-original ideas can be found almost everywhere. And this is not what the visitors are looking for. To attract their mind and influence them in a good way, you need to focus on the creative part of your content. Unique content that brings fresh ideas to the table impresses the readers excellently.

An SEO Company In India can tell you how much business visibility fresh content can generate. More eyes will view your pages and fetch you organic traffic too.

Great Content Means Great Conversions

A good conversion rate is the best impact on any business. And to have such an impact on your business, you need to focus on the quality of your content. Realizing the power of words, the manner of presenting ideas, and the enticing ways of connecting with visitors via content can make a big difference.

Improving the quality of your content will make your ideas more appealing and the connection with the visitors will be established quickly. Thus, great conversions wouldn’t be far away from you.

Great Content Means Greatly Satisfied Customers

Whether your business is about providing a product or a service, a digital marketing company in India will believe that when you offer your customers what they need, you will have every chance of satisfying them. Good content gives you the best way of doing so.

attractive images

Make your content great and accommodate it with what the customers are looking for. They’ll feel highly satisfied and start trusting your business as well.

Content can really help your website reach the top position on the Google, Big Websites like Neil Patel, Search Engine Journal focus on their content, they are not worried about publishing the content on a daily basis, they take time, We see that they work on the content day and night and keep optimizing their content so that they get good results, Yes they already do have good looking websites.

By creating creative Content doesn’t mean that it has to be only written article it now user spend more time on your website if it has Creative Gif Content, Image Content, Video Content, People love to read but also love to watch the creativity of it, so what you can is you can change some of your written content into the gif, Video, slide, Image content. This is to give a good design to your page or blog as well as the user would engage with your webpage.

If you follow the above methods then there shouldn’t be any more problems related to content as well as Web Design.