Why Should You Buy Portable Showers Before Going Camping?

While hiking in the mountains or exploring the wild nature of the forest, you will get dirty and stinky, but before you know it, your personal hygiene is affecting your excitement and mood. It is almost impossible to take a decent shower in the wild nature away from all the luxury of modern life. Natural water bodies can be an alternative, but they are dangerous and, in some cases, way too cold for a shower, and you have to know how to swim; otherwise, you’re putting your own life at risk. 

It may seem like a huge problem, which may give you second thoughts before going camping but believe it or not, it has the most simple solution – portable showers. This innovative invention has made life easier for camping lovers. It doesn’t matter what medium of transportation you are using or what kind of destination your trip includes, portable showers work for all. The best portable camping showers are available in the market.

There are also many kinds of portable shower camping equipment that you can modify according to your needs. 

Types of portable showers

Camping showers are divided into different types depending on the needs of the customer. Here are some of the best kinds of portable showers that you can choose from.

  • Solar shower 

The first and most popular type of shower is the solar variety. These camp showers completely rely on the sun. It turns solar energy into the source of heat for the water stored in a reservoir. 

  • Showers that work on battery

If you simply want a shower that draws water, hot or cold, at a reasonable pressure, without the use of a manual pump, bicycle, or otherwise, then you should consider battery-powered camping showers. They are extremely convenient and easy to use. They also work in any kind of weather. This alternative includes batteries, so before packing for camping, make sure to pack a sufficient amount of batteries that would last throughout your trip. 

Why Do You Need a Camping Shower?

It may seem like a simple question with more than one answer, but there are a few reasons which will make you add a portable shower to your standard camping gear. Consider the following reasons before deciding anything. 

  • It can be used anywhere and is easy to handle. 
  • Perfect for any kind of vehicle.
  • Keeps your personal hygiene intact.
  • It makes it easy to wash your other camping equipment.
  • Rinse away the saltwater after an exhausting day at the beach.
  • It comes with easy installation.

Some of the benefits of portable showers

  • They are easily installed. 

One of the biggest advantages of using portable showers is that they are fitted in any kind of vehicle. This is the main reason why they are so popular among camp enthusiasts. Since these showers don’t require any separate power sources, they are quite convenient. They are useful in any kind of weather, be it hot or cold. 

  • Cost Of Camping Showers

Camping showers are available at different price ranges. Generally, solar-powered camp showers are among the most affordable options, while vehicle-fitted counterparts are on the higher side of the spectrum. But still, they are the most resourceful and sustainable for camping 

  • Keeps your personal hygiene intact

We all know camping comes with a lot of outdoor exposure, which can have a great impact on your hygiene. In that case, either you are left with no other option but to survive without a shower or to use public toilets, which is not really a healthy option. Even if your surrounding has a public toilet, it can be really filthy and difficult to use. That is why a portable shower is the best option you can ask for.


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