Why is it important to avoid crash diets for better health?

Why is it important to avoid crash diets for better health
Why is it important to avoid crash diets for better health

Crash diets are the latest trends that people are following nowadays. Crash diets are short-term food plans that help you to lose weight within one or two weeks.

These diets focus on cutting down your calories drastically. People who are trying to shed extra weight instantly follow crash diets.

For example, if you are looking to lose weight for special occasions such as weddings or parties, many people will give you the option of a crash diet.

The technique to stay healthy

Crash dieting involves losing weight in a lesser time and instantly. You can lose your surplus kilos within a short span of time. It restricts you from eating specific foods and also aims at a low-calorie diet.

Crash diets are considered for the short-term and are not sustainable in the long-term goals. The gains that you get from short-term diets are momentary, and you can quickly gain weight in the long run.

Upon not following a proper diet and regular exercising, you may gain weight quickly.

Hence, short-term crash diets are not advisable to follow and can have harmful effects on your body. Crash diets make your body go out of energy and keep you deprived of it. In case of deprivation of energy in your body, it may start burning out your stored fat.

This can affect your vital tasks on a day-to-day basis and also renew easily. In Ireland, there are few people that follow crash diets and have severe health issues.

Further, this makes them borrow everyday loans in Ireland. This financial burden can add up to the existing health stress levels.

Reasons to avoid crash diets

Reduces metabolic rate

The right way to lose weight is the high metabolism of your body. But crash dieting leads to a lower metabolism rate.

It keeps your metabolic activities of the body at a slow pace. If you go for extreme dieting, it leads to greater muscle breakdown. If there is less muscle, it reduces your metabolic rate, which reduces a lower number of calories.

Your focus should be on improving your metabolism instead of following a crash dieting losing weight instantly.

Weakens the immune system

When you are following a crash diet, you have to avoid many nutrients and vitamins. Avoiding these minerals and vitamins keeps you at risk of a lower immunity system.

A low immune system can make you low on energy. For example, if you are out on holiday and have lower energy, it will drain you even further and make you fall sick.

Many crash diets let you cut out all the fatty foods from your diet and make your body absorb fat-soluble vitamins such as A, D, and E.

These vitamins are necessary to build up your strong immune system. A deficiency of these vitamins in your body can lead to issues in your body and cause stress.

Causes ketone production in your body

Most of the crash diets focus on low carbohydrates. Consuming Low carbohydrates can break down your fatty acids. The breaking down of fatty acids causes the production of ketones in your body.

These ketones help you to reduce extra kilos in your body further. You may have heard of the Quito diet, which exactly does the same thing. But it has damaging effects on your body in the long run.

Most of the times, it causes nausea in the body. Also, it leads to kidney and liver problems and bad breath too. Ketones are essential for the body but up to a limit. These crash diets lead to excess production of ketones in the body that is not good.

Causes dehydration

If you may have heard of the juicing diet, you may know how easily they help you to lose weight. There are some diets like juicing diet that allows you to lose your water weight. Losing water weight is not the ideal condition for your body in the long run.

Glycogen is the primary source of energy that binds water. If this glycogen is depleted fast, you may lose weight, but not for permanent time. When you start eating again, the stored water is replenished, and you quickly gain weight again.

This leads to dehydration. It further leads to various other problems in the body, such as dizziness, headache, and nausea.

It is not a good condition for the body as the body requires water and functions correctly in the presence of sufficient water.

Can lead to heart issues

Losing weight has got some really good benefits for your body, for example, lower cholesterol levels, lower blood sugar levels, lower blood pressure. These effects are only helpful if you are following a regular diet and exercise plan.

 Losing weight instantly is not good for the body. On the contrary, it has severe harmful effects on the body. When you follow some crash diets, it affects your heart and can increase heart fat levels.

 These levels further increase the chances of heart problems. You can see many other effects of a crash diet on your heart once you follow it. Hence, it is advisable not to follow crash diets as they severely impact the body.

Many people in Ireland suffer from heart diseases and do not have the required financial assistance. Hence, they borrow cash loans in 1 hour and manage their finances. You should take care of your health in order to take care of your finances too.

Damages your hair and skin quality

Everybody likes good skin and good hair. You can only achieve this with the avoidance of crash diets. These crash diets limit the number of vitamins and vital nutrients in your body.

Your body consumes sufficient nutrients and vitamins for its functioning. Your hair and skin need proper nourishment in order to look good.

With the lack of these right vitamins, many people face the problem of hair fall and acne on the skin. Also, these deficiencies can lead to dryness of the skin and your hair.


A healthy body should have the right amount of vitamins, nutrients, minerals, and fat. Following crash diets can lead to several deficiencies and make you go low on energy. This can further make your body prone to various critical illnesses.