Top 7 Tips to Wrap your Product in Custom Gift Boxes

Top 7 Tips to Wrap your Product in Custom Gift Boxes
Top 7 Tips to Wrap your Product in Custom Gift Boxes

The tradition of gift exchanging has never been as innovative as it is now with gift boxes. The availability of these boxes in an extensive range of customization options makes them even more interesting and fascinating. One can easily get them in several formats, sizes, and styles that deem fit for a particular gift product. Their construction involves the utilization of some exotic materials that are perfectly print-friendly. The top brands are utilizing HD printing services with a broad range of CMYK colors. So they design these boxes remarkably. Ranging from the product’s logo to various branding elements, you can print anything on them.

Different themes, graphical portrayals, and graphics can be incorporated into their design to make them pretty special for the receivers. Moreover, different types of embellishments such as gold foiling, matte lamination. And raised UV coatings can also be used to give them a fascinating look.  In today’s technological era, making the effective presentation of gift products is not a big deal. Specific creative ideas can be derived in order to design the custom gift boxes in an alluring and appealing manner. When everyone is upping their design game. It could sometimes difficult for you to find out the suitable design for the gift packages. Here are some new and innovative ideas for effective wrapping and showcasing of gift products. 

Resonating color themes

No one can deny the significant role colors play in creating a playful packaging design. By evoking certain psychological connections with the target audience, they can augment the visual prominence of the products. All of this is possible when the chosen colors are resonating. With the desired task for which they are being employed. Therefore, to design the gift boxes the UK with the color combinations that resonate. With the themes of the event on which presents are meant to be given.

Slot in some red and green color combinations in the box design for your Christmas gift product. The red and white hues might seem appropriate when you are planning for a gift on Valentine’s Day. Keep varying the colors of your box design so as to indicate and reflect. The relevancy of your gift items with the theme of a particular occasion. 

Aim for simplicity

It does not make any sense to incorporate everything you can. While designing the gift packages just because you want to get noticed. Remember, over-doing your box design always backfires. By backfiring, we mean that the design would repeal the customers instead of influencing a magnetic effect. Bombardment of too much visual noise can make it difficult for the receivers. To comprehend the intended purpose of the gift product. However, a simple and clear gift box design gives your product. A purpose and makes it even more noticeable than it originally was. The best tip in this context is to use minimalistic hues, compatible fonts. And ordered graphics so that your present can cast a maximum impact on the receiver. 

Utilize custom inserts

The customization of your gift packages with custom inserts. Is a proven tactic to elevate the original value of your presents. There arise some instances when you require to pack multiple small presents in one box. Placing these presents over one another does not only make them look highly inelegant. But it is also a compromise from their security point of view.

The strategic use of custom inserts allows you to create personalized divisions. That facilitate you to place several different presents in one go. These partitions provide a great view to the eyes since everything looks organized this way. Apart from that, they also assure an improved sense of protection. Since they put a halt to the side movements of the products. This prevention of movement is critical for retaining the novelty and originality of the creative presents. 

Die-cut patterns

A fundamental way to augment the appealing factor of your presents is by adding a little bit of transparency to them. The die-cutting is an efficient technique that can utilize to produce specific patterns on gift packages. In this particular method, a dye of a specific shape and pattern is used that cuts the desired part of the box. That cut part is then replaced by the PVC sheet that colorful or transparent depending upon your specific prerequisites. The pattern of the window could design according to the theme of a particular occasion or festival. It is a unique method of giving a highlight at your presents even before the receivers unbox them. 

Go for the unique style

Each present is of a certain genre and owns a specific shape that makes it look distinctive and unique from others. In a similar fashion, you need to work on the designing of gift boxes wholesale in some unique shapes so that you can set your presents apart from others. The best strategy that is sure to work in this aspect is to alter the shape of your gift packages in a way that they bear an automatic association with the targeted occasion. For example, the customization of the box into a heart or flower shape makes your present seem pertinent to Valentine’s Day. Similarly, the customization of the box into the shape of an ornament will make it complement the theme and occasion of Christmas. 

Artistic artwork

Artistic visual artwork is always a good way to make your gift packages more appealing and to augment the apparent value of the presents packed inside. Adding some gift-related graphics goes a long way in lifting up the experience of receivers with your presents. The printing of some patterns such as floral, polka dots, chevron, etc., can also be a great addition to raise the interest of the receivers in opening up your present. Make sure that the visual artwork simultaneously relates with the inside present packed in the gift packages as well as the target audience. This way, you can promote word of mouth about your gift items or presents. 

Use finishing options

The finishing of the gift packages can go a long way in making your presents appear more precious and valuable for the receivers. The options such as gold foiling and silver foiling can be ideally utilized to highlight the premium nature of the presents. The gloss lamination imparts an instant shine to the packages and makes them look even more visually prominent that they get hard to be overlooked. The best finishing option that can make your gift remembered for a very long time is to add a velvety touch to your box by using the textured coating. 

An attractive and practical gift box design works well in augmenting the apparent value of the gift products. The use of resonating colors and die-cut patterns are probably the best ways to showcase the uniqueness and versatility of your presents. Besides, the artistic visual artwork and appropriate finishing options serve a great deal in enhancing the value of your gift products.