Top 10 ideal long-term storage container Archival Boxes for Business documents

Storage Container Archival Boxes
Storage Container Archival Boxes

You must have gotten in a situation when you had to rearrange the documents. Or you had to move your documents to another place. In those situations, you must have been confused about how to move your stuff with ease. Well, in these situations, custom archival boxes are the best choice.

They are the storage container that keeps your valuable documents and paperwork safe and secure. They are long-lasting, and they get manufactured of sturdy stuff. They keep the document safe from dampness and excessive sunlight that can affect the papers negatively.

In this article, we will discuss what should be the characteristics of the archival boxes and what is their usage?

Sturdy and hefty nature:

You must have seen some of these archival packaging cases and would have realized that they are healthy and resolute.

The foremost characteristic that we look for in the packaging is whether it can protect the product that gets placed inside it or not. Because of the packaging cases itself are not long-lasting, then your goods would not get secured. That is why durable, high-quality, sturdy, and flexible material gets used while manufacturing the packaging cases used to store your paperwork.

In no wonder that we often lost our documents and sometimes they are the important ones. That’s why we tend to use a container where our documents can get placed. And in that way, we get sure that they are secure and cannot be lost.

Customize your archival packaging cases:

What could be better than having a customizable box for your essential documents? So, why not protect your important merchandise in a style. We will discuss some printing and editing techniques, which you can get for the customization of your cases.

Color customization:

When we are doing branding, we cannot ignore the fact that typography and space are the most vital factors for branding. If you cannot pull off these two in a professional manner, then your packaging will not look appealing at all.

The same goes for pigmentation and the contrasting shades and shadows. The fail in branding occurs when people ignore space. You can get the use of negative space and can give your box a meaningful look. Many graphic designers use negative space while making logos. Use the area wisely and arrange our sentences accordingly.

Customize the packaging box with logo and slogan:

The logo is a sort of trademark of your company. When a customer sees a professional logo on a packaging box, they relax that the product belongs to an authentic brand. The logo should be unique so that the public can get to know about your brand.

A slogan is a catchword that gets used in a business advertisement to attract the viewers. The print you’re saying onto your packaging boxes to give it a charming appearance.

Customize the packaging box with various printing techniques:

Design the archive packaging boxes for a luxurious appearance. You can print your logo, texture, and any other design onto the cases. Get to know about the printing technique and choose which one you want for yourself.


This method got its name because, in Latin, lithe means stone. He wrote his script on a limestone using greasy crayons and then printing them with rolled-on ink.

Screen Printing:

In this technique, vendors use plastisol ink or water-based ink for your screen printing. These kinds of inks are the most favorable and long-lasting as they are most absorbable. The boxes that get customized using this technique are eco-friendly because the ink gets absorbed.

Offset printing:

Ira Washington Ruble introduced this printing technique. In this process, an inked image gets transferred from a plate to a rubber blanket. And from that blanket to the printing surface. This printing technique gets done on a large scale, such as printing newspapers, brochures, magazines, etc.

Digital printing:

It is the facile and most used type of printing technique. It does not take much time. For digital printing, you only need to have an electronic file. 

Customize the packaging box with metalized foils:

Many vendors use aluminum foil to pull off a rich look. You can also use gold and silver foil and they are also budget-friendly.

Customizing the boxes with metal foils has is becoming a trend and many people are adopting this technique. These techniques give a svelte and shiny exterior. When you use these types of packaging boxes, then customers get attracted easily. These techniques can provide your archive boxes the look you are looking for.

Customize the custom packaging box with glossy and matte effect:

The glossy method gives your case a shiny and sleek appearance. And the matte effect gives your carton a satin appearance. Many luxurious brands have their packaging boxes in a glossy and shining appearance. This type of technique gives your cases a luxury and charming look. The Matte is not as shiny as the glossy effect, and they have a soft satin appearance. 

Archival art storage boxes:

These boxes not only get used to store documents but also use to store art products. As we have discussed earlier that these cases help you much by keeping your work in place. And for a painter, the biggest problem is to keep their art supplies fresh and secure. That’s why these cases can help you and the quality of your item does not get affected due to any factor.

Acid-free storage boxes:

These boxes keep your product safe from rusting and moisture. Papers can get easily affected through dampness and they can get useless. But with help of acid-free storage cases, we can keep the paperwork or other essential items safe from sunlight and moisture.