Tips to Overcome the Tricks Used by Manipulators in a Workspace

Tips to Overcome the Tricks Used by Manipulators in a Workspace
Tips to Overcome the Tricks Used by Manipulators in a Workspace

An office is full of people with different personalities and habits. As the business owner, you must understand the intentions underneath while interacting with each employee. Some people are manipulative that force you to make decisions that favour their motive instead of the organisation.

Not every form of manipulation is considered unethical. There are cases of unintentional manipulation, as well. However, it is important to know them to prevent the use of emotional intelligence in controlling your decision. Here are some things used by people in the workplace to manipulate people.

Return of Some Favour

A conversation started with buttering lines often ends with a request of favour. Also, there are times when a reciprocal of some little favours are asked with a bigger demand. It leaves you in a tricky situation where no doesn’t seem to be an answer.

The go-to answer is to say yes to the demand if they are reasonable. But you must decline something that may leave you overwhelmed with work. There are certain limitations and boundaries that the other person must respect.

Endless Questions

Manipulation works best when you know the weakness of the other person. This is why some people are interested in asking only questions. They want to find weak spots to use them later.

It is completely okay to ask some questions to a co-worker to know them on a personal level. But do not indulge in the conversation if the other person refuses to reveal the same details. It is a red flag for various reasons other than being a manipulative personality.

Personal Territory

The advantage of discussion in one’s personal space is evident. The host exerts comfort, control, and dominance on the conversation. Also, many times the guest is often uncomfortable in a new environment.

Do not let them have an important discussion in their home, office, or any other personal space. Take the discussion to a neutral location if possible. If there is no other option, you must create a sense of bearing quickly in the discussion.


The use of fear to manipulate people is evident from the very start of the human civilisation. People try to use overemphasized weakness and exaggerated facts to create a sense of fear. You are then at the mercy of their guidance to get through the constructed tough situation.

On the contrary, you should steer clear from the discussion trying to induce fear or lack of courage. Take a good look at the alternative decisions before you make your mind.


You might have heard some rumours and gossips in the workspace. They might be some strategy to meet a certain objective. Do not fall for them as they are often used to manipulate public opinion.

Instead of believing the stuff you hear, start questioning its integrity. Ask for source if the details are shady, and don’t think of it true until the details are clear.

Reduce the level of gossiping and rumours by keeping an eye on the employees throughout the day. Take guaranteed loans to cover every corner of the workspace with CCTV surveillance.

Happy Mood

A good mood invites decisions based on impulse, which may create problems in future. Manipulators are very well aware of this aspect of human behaviour. They will consult you after a good mood is followed by great news.

You might have heard of controlling the negative emotions. It is time to learn the same for positive emotions. You are quite vulnerable when it comes to deciding in a state of joy.

Quick Conversation

Many manipulators use fancy language or fast pace speaking. They try to gain an advantage in the conversation by the use of confusing terms and lack of understanding. You’re afraid to ask the meaning of words used by them to make points that may not even exist.

Ask the meaning of terms you don’t know with full confidence. You must have control of the conversation or at least have it in balance. Ask them to repeat every sentence if they are too quick.

Negative Conduct

The use of negative actions and emotions are used to manipulate people. People raise their voice or make strong actions to create a sense of domination and crafted emotions. Surprisingly, only a handful of people can see through the act.

Do not make decisions based on emotions displayed by others. Take a pause, think, and react. If possible, take a walk for a few minutes to thoroughly understand a situation.

In the end, there are times when the gut feeling is right if someone tries to manipulate you. These are not all the methods used by manipulators in the professional setups. However, the trick to protect yourself is the same, think thoroughly before making any decision and learn how to say no.