The Beauty of Moonstone Jewelry

Over the centuries, the gemstone is known for its luminous shine, moonstone comes in rainbow colors and is the multi-hued and transparent beauties that glow in the light that diffused within. People have worn these lovely gems in the form of moonstone jewelry set like rings, earrings, and bracelets and are drawn most fashionably.

They are the hot selling gemstone in the market, making people wonder about the beauty that it holds. So if you are looking to discover the beauty of these gemstones, then Read about them to know more.

Defining the moonstone

Moonstone, the stone with classic sheen, and the mystical play are formed by the orthoclase and albite mineral from the feldspar family that makes 40% of the earth’s crust. These are among the most popular mineral groups with an undefined glory in the market, giving out the classic shine to the moonstone and making stunning moonstone jewelry.

These minerals are made up of crystalline layers that reflect and scatter the light across the surface, giving out the shine to the moonstone, making the spectral play of colors called adularescence, named after the adulra mountains Switzerland. Moonstone is converted into a blue hue and comes in various colors, such as milky white with gray, green, pink, yellow, and brown shades.

Where Moonstones Are Found

One of the striking features of moonstones is that they don’t have limited availability, meaning they are found worldwide, including Brazil, the United States, Madagascar, Myanmar, Australia, and India. Although the first commercial mines were primarily located in Switzerland. In recent times, the most sought-after variety of moonstone comes from Sri Lanka. However, with the increasing demand in the modern market, this pretty iridescent stone is increasingly becoming rare and valuable.

Moonstone Jewelry
Moonstone Jewelry

Lore of The Moonstone in The Ancient Times

Moonstone carries the undeniable charm even in ancient times, they have been associated with the moon god and goddesses. The early Greeks and Romans believed that the moonstone is the god’s gift and has a way to connect to their lunar deities.

The Romans believed that the moonstone was formed from the moonbeams that have fallen on the earth, making them the stone with magical powers. In ancient Hindu mythology, they also carry a similar belief and associated the stone with lord Ganesh calling him the moon god. Although this is not true.

The different civilizations hold different beliefs, making them the stone with the powers of the moon and the stone with the magical powers. But one thing that remains true about the stone is that they are the stone with the light inside, showing the healing of paramount nature to the wearer.

Moonstones In Modern Times

With the impressive stories in ancient times, moonstone became popular during the art nouveau time in the 1900s. At first, they were only used as accents, but over time, they became popular and got immense scope in the modern market; the most prominent reason and the bringer of this change was the famous artist Rene Lalique.

He presented some of the handcrafted moonstone jewelry with some of the extraordinary designs in the market, making moonstone the hot highlights from the time. In the 1960s, the famous group of flower children made moonstone the part of their aesthetic and surged, making moonstone the hot trend.

Crafting the Moonstone into Jewelry

Moonstones are delicate gemstones that are easily breakable and come with the hardness of 6- 6.5 on the moh’s hardness scale, but due to several practices and with properly skilled artisans and machinery, they can be easily carved into the most favorite cabochons and faceted stones.

Jewelers around the world set these gemstones in the gold or silver setting to give them the strength to craft the most loved jewelry pieces like moonstone rings and every girl’s favorite moonstone pendants.

Selecting the Right Jewelry

With a pool of whimsical designs, it gets confusing to select the jewelry that suits your taste. However, jewelers around the world are trying their best to bring forward the glory of this gemstone, making eye-catching jewelry pieces.

If you choose to wear moonstone daily, like moonstone earrings, moonstone rings, consider pieces with the bezel setting. They will hold the gem at a place and make it stay for a longer time. But if you are planning to attend a party, go with the moonstone necklace with the faceted stones. You can wear them along with the red or black dress, and they will compliment every look and feels like a feather on the skin.

Where to Buy?

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