Start your fitness journey with these top free running apps

Start your fitness journey with these top free running apps
Start your fitness journey with these top free running apps

If you are the one who thinks their smartphones are the go-to solution for several problems- from midnight hunger to looking for what to wear on the weekend house party- then you are surely going to look at your phone to help you in the matters of fitness at some point in time. But, do not worry, plenty of mobile apps are waiting for you to opt for their amazing fitness and running features and serve you the best that they can. These apps are here to help you get started on an epic fitness journey

So, let us get to know about the best free running apps that you can ponder upon in 2021. 


As the name suggests, the app is a fantastic choice to make when it comes to running. This GPS free running app comes with both a premium feature as well that you can use to track your daily running progress, find new routes, share your running plans & schedules, and explore a lot more as you get used to the app and its features. On top of that, Runtastic has several other workout-specific apps also that you can add to your schedule if you are keen on doing more things on your 10K training plan. 

Nike + Run Club

The Nike + Run Club is amongst the top-rated fitness apps on iTunes and for all good reasons, it is indeed the best one as it acts as your personal running coach without having to spend even a penny. The app tracks your run with its GPS tracking feature and provides audio guided running workout plans. These plans are of two distinct types namely weekly and monthly distance challenges that can help you keep motivated and use the customised coaching plans that suit your fitness goals and help you upscale your progress. So, if you are a fan of this world-famous sports brand, you are already on the good end of its running app services! 


The third one on our list is the WeRun app that tops our list of smart fitness level apps. It offers two types of running groups, that is, private or public running groups. The clear distinction between the two will allow you to join either the ones whom you know (in a private group) or the ones who are new to know (a public group). If you are a beginner, you can start with the private group and make yourself accustomed to the features and advantages of the app. The default radius of the app is 10 miles that allow you to create or join a group within your nearby area. 


If you think a digital personal trainer will help you cover those extra miles, then Endomondo is surely the running app for you. You can choose it even if you are a beginner in this. This app turns your smartphone into a digital personal trainer that will help you keep a track of your running, cycling, walking, and other distance sports goals. You can even connect with your friends and boost your motivation by going out on a fitness journey together. Setting up common goals will help you and your run partner stay focused in an organised manner. 


We have kept this one at the end to save the surprises for you! MapMyRun has consistently been named one of the top apps for runners with over 50 million users. This free fitness app, owned by Under Armour helps you track your fitness progress and offers stats to check the daily performance. You can even discover new running routes, pick from hundreds of workout plans available on the app, and get inspired by other runners. 


On any day, we will come to conclude that running can never go out of style when it comes to staying fit without spending a penny on buying equipment. Thus, if you are on the verge of starting your fitness journey with the help of a running app or fitness tracker, you can definitely start today from any of these. With such versatile features, these apps are your go-to path to start your running and fitness journey on your own. So, get going!