Rimless glasses frames: Why are they in style in 2021?

What are rimless glasses frames and its benefits?
Rimless glasses frames
Rimless glasses frames

Let’s face it – Not everyone is amused by the idea of having to wear glasses. Even the people who have been wearing spectacles for more than half of their lives find it uncomfortable sometimes. 

It is true that the introduction of lightweight glasses frames have made them more wearable, but what about the people who like to keep things simple? 

Although some people like the way glasses change their entire look. But, there are also people who don’t want their frames to take the focus away from their faces. If you are one of these people, rimless glasses are the perfect choice for you.

Rimless glasses or what people call ‘frameless glasses’ don’t have a frame front. They only have lenses secured between the nose bridge and the temple arms. This particular style is famous in both men’s and women’s glasses with more and more style-conscious people gravitating towards it. 

Not only the weight, there are many other reasons why people are going rimless.

Why do people love rimless glasses?

Due to their minimalistic aesthetic and no-glasses appeal, rimless frames flatter every skin tone and face shape. Also, the frameless front gives a broader and unobstructive space for your eyes to see. 

Like we said, rimless glasses frames are made for all face shapes. But, choosing the one that flatters your natural aesthetics will only upgrade your appearance.

If you have a round face, bring balance to your features with rimless frames in angular glasses. For instance, women’s glasses in square or rectangular shapes will look good on you. If you are a man, go for narrow rimless frames. you can safely go for rimless glasses in geometric shapes to get some edges to your soft features. 

For people with angular face shapes, round or circular frames will moderate their edgy features. Round rimless frames are the best pick for you. If you have an oval face shape, you can wear just about any frame style you want. Try men’s glasses in geometric shapes to flaunt your quirky side. 

If you think that rimless glasses are fragile given the missing frame front, you are mistaken. Rimless style in titanium or acetate frames are designed to stand the test of time.

Since rimless gives an unobstructive vision field, most of people buy reading and prescription glasses online in rimless frames. 

Why choose rimless glasses?

If you are all set to bid goodbye to those heavy frames and thinking of investing in rimless frames, here are a  few extra benefits you will get with your new frame:

They suit everyone

If the entire concept of choosing the frame according to your face shape and skin tone is confusing to you, rimless is to your rescue. These glasses are made to flatter your natural features without overpowering them.

However, if you want your glasses frames to have a pop of colour, choose rimless glasses in colorful temple arms to bring a contrast to your natural colour palette.

No distractions

Rimless glasses are made to attract attention not distract from your natural features. They are famous for their sophisticated and minimalistic look. 

If you want the attention to be on your designer jewellery or flashy outfit, put on a pair of rimless glasses and you are good to go. 

When paired with bold designs such as cat-eye women’s glasses, rimless glasses will add a touch of elegance and femininity to your appearance. 

Goes with every outfit

Rimless glasses frames will go effortlessly with every piece of clothing in your wardrobe. Whether we talk about formals or casual outfits, take an aura of sophistication with you anywhere you go with rimless style. 

Not only this, this style works well on every occasion. Whether you are heading to a birthday party or getting ready for a date night, put on rimless frames for an understated elegant appeal. 

The final word

If you have made up your mind to buy rimless frames but are not able to find them in your favorite style, you can always look online. You will find the countless number of rimless frames in both fashion and prescription glasses online

Rimless glasses are in style in 2021 and it is not going away anytime soon. If you want your natural features to shine through, this style is a safe choice.