How Thinking Beyond A Regular CRM Can Help You Build A Robust Real Estate Sales Team

How Thinking Beyond A Regular CRM Can Help You Build A Robust Real Estate Sales Team
How Thinking Beyond A Regular CRM Can Help You Build A Robust Real Estate Sales Team

The real estate sales executive’s plate is loaded with handling client calls and racing off to home showings. However, since we’re living in the age of information, it’s time to use technology to work smarter, not harder.

In this scenario, real estate CRM comes into use. Usually, real estate CRM software consists of all the features that can help the company improve its marketing to sales performance management.

One can’t make sound business judgments unless they know if company sales and marketing activities yield results.

The best way to truly understand if someone’s real estate marketing and sales tactics are working is to closely track marketing metrics on Google Analytics, such as web traffic as well as sales metrics in the Real Estate CRM, which allows companies to see leads and their status in the sales cycle.

To begin with, let us understand the importance of the accuracy of sales monitoring. Sales tracking and monitoring are the most significant ways to learn how each sales stage affects your sales cycle. Several factors make it essential:

  • The Ability to Recognize Patterns:

Patterns are critical indicators for any company. They don’t appear out of thin air; they’re warning signals communicating that something isn’t quite right in your sales process.

  • Projection And Avoidance

Projections are what come out from the past data. The company can check if the current strategy is yielding results or not. They can even study what has been produced in the past and what period and scenario. Tracking of the data and past sales metrics can help the company predict what may happen. Although it does not help in preventing losses, it tries to help in not incurring them.

  • Cause And Effect

Cause and effect connections are difficult to detect in a process since it is impossible to predict how one variable will affect the others. However, it is impossible and you can do that by monitoring market metrics and highlighting links between variables and outcomes.

In addition to this, let us understand how to monitor the sales team and how does the sales performance software or real estate CRM software is not enough and have certain drawbacks:

  • Real Estate CRM Cost:

Cost is one of the most significant obstacles during CRM implementation. There are dozens of software solutions to choose from, as well as a variety of pricing levels. When calculating the actual cost of CRM software, keep in mind the total cost of ownership, which includes:

  1. Membership or subscription-based
  2. Add-On features or upgrade features
  3. Personalization
  4. IT resources needed
  5. Software and Hardware requirement
  6. Upskilling and staff training

Other costs associated with CRM adoption include data transfer and quality and transforming business activities like the Real Estate Sales Team working. Setting a fair budget for your CRM project requires thorough planning and assessing any possible hidden costs.

  • Poor Communication:

To get buy-in and make CRM work, everyone in your company needs to understand what data you need and how to use it. If additional teams, such as payroll personnel, need to collaborate on the implementation, explain integration requirements ahead of time.


Sell. Do keep track of individual and team sales success and offers you the data you need to make adjustments or improve your business. Additionally, the analytics aid in sales forecasting and lead targeting, allowing for a complete Real Estate Lead Management System. These are just a few of the many performance management capabilities provided by Real Estate CRM Software.

  • Sales Performance tracking:

You and your sales team can see the performance using Sell. Do’s performance measurement features. With in place, there is no room for inconsistencies in results. So, you know who to praise and who to support to improve your team’s overall performance.

  • Territory Management:

You can manage and track your sales personnel across all of your territories with Sell. Do. Access management and reporting for the entire sales hierarchy can be readily set up for India-wide or global operations organizations.

  • Campaign Performance:

Sell. Do makes it possible for you to see the big picture of your marketing activities. With so many indicators to examine, it’s simple to figure out which marketing efforts are producing the best results and should be scaled and which ones should be paused or stopped entirely.

  • Tracking with GPS:

In many organizations, field experts engage in unethical tactics. Sell. Do’s GPS-enabled features track daily functions, site visit completion, journey routes, and travel time, among other data. It even helps to limit them and keep the staff self-aware.

With the help of Sell.Do, stay up to date on the most recent changes in the real estate business. It’s simple to work with a platform that combines sales monitoring and CRM. If you feel the need to #ThinkBeyondCRM and build an expert, new-age real estate sales team, get in touch with Sell.Do today.