Registration Charges of a Stamp Duty – A Guide for Buyers of House in Bangalore

Guide for Buyers of House in Bangalore
Guide for Buyers of House in Bangalore

Purchasing a house typically keeps on board many processes and charges. Hence, being well-versed in advance, especially about a certain factor such as a letter, to avoid unpleasant surprises later. Let’s go to be well known in detail about stamp duty, and the registration charges applicable when purchasing the house in this city. Registration Charges and Stamp Duty differ from one state to another. Much importantly, these changes make the home costlier. But what are registration charges and Stamp duty?

To confirm the sale agreement. And to maintain the record of that property. It is the state government which fixes and decides all the costs which are collected towards registration and stamp duty. To have an overall knowledge of the apartments for sale in Bangalore, you have to read this blog.

What are the main parameters of determining stamp duty charges?

Property Age: Stamp duty is usually calculated based on the entire value of your buying property. Since with the age properties register devaluation, the age of that property has the prominent role of playing in determining that stamp duty. This is precisely why aged properties are much easier on the pocket in stamp duty when contrasted with brand new ones.

Age of the buyer: If you are a senior citizen, you have reasons to cheer when purchasing a house. Because senior citizens have to pay the lesser amount in the Stamp duty, younger people will get no relaxation and pay more.

Location: Purchasing a house in an urban area? 

So, you have to be prepared to give the higher sum as the stamp duty. But if you plan to purchase the house in any semi-urban or rural area, you have to pay a lesser amount.

Amenities: Does that house which you are buying have all the amenities? It is straightforward that the more extras you will have, the more amount you have to pay if your home has a swimming pool, gym, library, or even the elevators, you can have to spend much money on the Stamp Duty.

Reason of Registration charges

 When Stamp duty has paid to transfer that property to your name, registration charges have been produced as per Registration Act, 1908, to our government to maintain it in the registry. It must be completed within four months from the specific execution date after paying the Stamp Duty.

Unless this registration is complete, that property’s entitlement is invalid, and that property will still be under the previous owner’s name. And it is essential to register your property in sub-Register, where that property is bought.


When you opt for the budget house for the luxury house, whether your selection of the location is a rural setting or urban area, knowing about charges towards the stamp duty helps you properly. The most important benefit is that it let you be in your control in terms of budget. And if you are willing to more about some apartments for sale in Bangalore, you can get many options to check out about it.