Why Have Portable Toilets Become an Essential Part of Today’s Time?

Why Have Portable Toilets Become an Essential Part of Today’s Time
Why Have Portable Toilets Become an Essential Part of Today’s Time

Portable restrooms first appeared in shipyards in Long Beach, California, during World War II. Before the invention of a portable toilet for a construction worker, dockworkers had to walk back to the docks to use the restroom. This waste of energy made it necessary to install temporary toilets on ships. These toilets consisted of a wooden cabana with a small metal holding tank. They were heavy and smelly.


The portable toilet is a vital part of any large event or crowded area. Portable toilets in New Jersey first gained popularity in the 1940s during the shipbuilding industry. These temporary structures were made of wood and had a holding tank for waste. As time went on, other sectors recognized the portable toilet’s versatility. In the early 1970s, they introduced fiberglass portable toilets to replace the wood and metal models.

The portable toilet has a rich history. During World War II, shipyard owners realized that workers were losing valuable time waiting in line to use the bathroom. So they made portable toilets to reduce downtime and make workers happier. They often installed these early porta potties under wooden chairs. The user would remove the lid to use the restroom and then put it back on.

By the 1980s, a portable toilet for a construction site was made of polyethylene, a lightweight and durable material that was much easier to clean. This material made portable toilets more portable and easier to transport. However, they still held odors and were challenging to maintain.

Portable Toilets
Portable Toilets

1. Less time is spent waiting for restrooms.

Many portable toilet suppliers struggle to meet the demand during large events. For example, the standard attendee to toilet ratio does not apply during road races. Instead, runners are in a rush to go to the restroom before the race begins. The importance of hydration also makes portable toilets necessary.

If you need portable toilets for your event, you should hire a company that offers more than one type and size. This way, you can get more for your money. Additionally, you will spend less time waiting in lines. This is especially important if you are holding a large outdoor event.

While some factors determine your portable toilet needs, the most important is the number of attendees. You can use an online estimating tool to estimate the number of restrooms you need. When many people are involved, the number of portable toilets should be at least ten percent higher. This will reduce the time spent waiting for restrooms.

2. Easy to maintain

The best way to ensure that your luxury porta potty rental in NJ is as clean and sanitary as possible is to get them cleaned every week. You can do this by using cleaning tablets, which effectively control odor and prevent certain germs from growing. This is also a great way to promote customer satisfaction.

Besides cleaning the toilets, you can also ask your restroom service provider for extra services. These services will help you avoid unnecessary headaches that can arise when you are organizing a large event. Many portable toilet suppliers offer these additional services, which are usually well worth the extra money.

Another way to ensure that your portable toilets in New Jersey are as sanitary as possible is to clean the tank thoroughly. Generally, this is done by filling the tank with a disinfecting additive. Additionally, you should ensure that the interior is cleaned entirely using anti-microbial fog. Make sure to follow the instructions on how to apply the fog properly.

Aside from regular cleaning, you must consider several other things to keep your portable restrooms hygienic and sanitary. Cleaning the portable toilets is very important to ensure they will last a long time. To maintain a portable restroom’s cleanliness, you should use top-quality disinfectant products for the interior and outside. It is vital to ensure that the exterior and handle areas are clean, as this can prevent the spread of germs.

3. Saves you money

Portable restrooms are an environmentally friendly option for a variety of situations. When used correctly, portable restrooms can save you money and the environment. Conventional toilets can be costly to maintain, not to mention the problems they cause. There are also issues with water, compost, and chemical usage. You can avoid these problems by renting directly from local portable toilet suppliers and even save money on portable toilet rentals.

Unlike a permanent restroom, portable restrooms do not require plumbing or a complete bathroom, which means less money and waste. Moreover, a portable toilet for a construction site lasts anywhere from 15 to 30 years before they need replacing. Some portable toilets are made of recycled plastic, making them even more environmentally friendly.

Additionally, portable toilets are easy to maintain. They can be hosed down when dirty for a fresh, clean look. Most portable toilets also offer privacy. The average American flushes their toilets more than any other activity! Therefore, portable restrooms help save 125 million gallons of water per day!

Portable toilets also help prevent people from using unsanitary public restrooms. Portable toilets for your event that includes family and friends are often the best option because it is convenient for everyone to use. Finding a public restroom for large groups of people can be difficult. Moreover, portable toilets can be more affordable than a permanent restroom.

4. It helps prevent people from getting sick.

Portable toilets in New Jersey are a popular solution for outdoor restrooms. These toilets have a variety of advantages for health-conscious people, including hygiene and cleanliness. They also prevent the spread of diseases. However, these toilets are not without their risks. To ensure your safety, make sure to use them as instructed.

Many evacuees may be stranded without clean water for days, so keeping their hands sanitized is integral to staying healthy. Portable restroom units offer many benefits, including hand sanitizer and other amenities that can help evacuees keep their hands clean. The most significant risk in the aftermath of a disaster is the spread of infectious diseases.

5. Regulations

Portable restrooms, also known as porta-potties, are essential to many events. These restrooms are necessary for the comfort of all participants. They are also vital in emergencies and disaster relief efforts. A luxury porta potty rental in NJ is also required at significant public events such as sporting events, marathons, and festivals.

Portable toilets need to be cleaned regularly to stay in compliance with OSHA standards. The United States Department of Labor requires sanitation facilities to adhere to specific cleaning schedules. States also require regulations on the cleaning and service of restroom facilities. Your portable toilet suppliers can give you the information you need to comply with these regulations.

Some construction sites require hand washing stations and alcohol-based hand sanitizers. However, these are not always available. A portable toilet for a construction site that isn’t equipped with toilet paper is also a potential health hazard. Many workers must use nearby bathrooms or use bushes for relief.

OSHA also regulates the locations of restrooms on the job site. The rules state that they should be available and close to workers. Workers should not have to wait more than 10 minutes to use one.


The cost of renting portable toilets can be surprising, especially if you need them for a long time. A single-day rental can run you around $180. However, the cost significantly drops if you rent a porta potty for a month. The price depends on where you need the toilets and how often you need them cleaned. A luxury porta potty rental in NJ has toilets and urinals; some units even include toilet paper dispensers. Another type of portable toilet is the high-rise porta potty, which is designed for high-rise construction and features a 38-gallon tank.

When deciding on the number of portable toilets you will need, it’s essential to look at all of the different factors that will affect the cost. These factors include the length of time that you will need portable toilets for your event, the event’s location, and whether you need them daily or on a weekly basis. Also, be sure to factor in the cost of maintenance and permits.

Getting a portable toilet for a construction site connected to the main sewer line will make full flushing and fresher odor easier. However, this is a more expensive option and requires careful planning. Additionally, it will reduce your short-term expenses and leverage them for longer-term projects. Regarding size, you can choose from standard, high-rise, and wheelchair-accessible units.