Pipe Cutters: A Comprehensive Guide

Pipe Cutters: A Comprehensive Guide
Pipe Cutters: A Comprehensive Guide

Pipe cutters are the specific tools for the job. Plumbers use this cutter to do repairs and replacements due to its efficiency and reliability. In addition to delivering professional quality cuts and clean joinery, pipe cutters are fast, convenient, and better alternatives to tools like hacksaws.

Additionally, cuts made with a cutter are usually neat and need minimal corrections or cleaning up the excess swarf. Neatness makes a pipe cutter a better choice for the professionals and plumbers who seek a better way to do their pipework.

Cutting tools are different based on how the specific pipe or material is being cut. Some of the primary materials include copper pipes, plastic pipes, steel pipes, and aluminum pipes.

So if you are a plumber or a repair enthusiast, these are some of the common types of pipe cutters and their uses. In this article, you will learn about the different types of pipe cutters. As an overview, it’s important to note that the pipe cutters cut different materials.

How Do We Use Pipe Cutters?

To understand how a cutter is used, you have to know how it works. A cutter has a sharp wheel that cuts through a pipe as it rotates. The rotation can penetrate through a material the more it turns. The number of oscillations needed to cut the line will depend on the pipe’s size, thickness, and material. Factors like the sharpness of the blade of the cutter also affect how the tube is cut. It is also essential to choose suitable plumbing cutters for the job.

It is also suitable for you to note that different pipe cutters work differently, even though the instructions above can get you started on how to cut a pipe. Now down to business, how do you use pipe cutters?

First, make sure if the pipe you are working on is connected to a plumbed-in system, make sure water is turned off to cut it safely. Secondly, you will need to know if the cutter is adjustable. You need to ensure you adjust the tool to fit the pipe. Thirdly, Rotate the cutter tool to cut the device and move the pipe cutter carefully so as not to damage the line. Additional rotations might be needed to cut through the pipe completely. Lastly, clean and make the pipe smooth once the tube is cut correctly and ensure the machine tool cutter is cleaned before storage.

Types of Pipe Cutters Available for You

Now you consider a wide range of pipe tool cutters. Different tools are versatile and flexible. Some of the best pipe cutters are used for various applications, such as repairing and cutting the required length before installation.

1. Copper Pipe Cutters

These are used by rotating it around a pipe when the cutter is tight until it cuts through the copper pipe.

2. Rotary Pipe Cutters

A rotary pipe cutter is a tool that has a grasping device and sharp-edged rounded wheels facing inwards. The wheels are forced to face inside by pressure from the screw, and it cuts by rotating the tool.                                                                                   

3. Snap cutters

Snap cutter is a tool that is handheld which works manually. The machine works where a plumber can use a snap cutter to cut both a flat object and a pipe. It works with a row of sharp discs which cut by running the tool over and round the pipe tool. However, there is a similar snap tool that cuts plain metal sheets too.

4. Tubing cutter

A tube cutter is an instrument that allows you to cut plastic tubing. This tool is often used with plumbers and electricians. The Tubing cutter has sharp blades which cut through the tube pipe. This tool works by rotating its edges in a circular motion to cut through the tubing neatly.


All in all, there are many types of professional tools online. Professional plumbers and repairmen can look at a wide range of tools at their disposal, ranging from industrial to DIY kits that can be used by novice learners. All the different tools are available in the market. For more information on pipe cutters, you can visit Toolfetch for amazing deals.