How effectively can an online covid consultation help to treat a patient?

How effectively can an online covid consultation help to treat a patient?

Aiming to help the people suffering from corona and who need medical assistance at home, Credihealth has launched a new home care package. Under this program, online covid consultation is provided for 15 days to monitor and recover covid patients at home. This package is suitable only for a patient having mild or no symptoms at all. Our doctors will monitor your symptoms through daily video and teleconsultation and suggest the best possible e-prescription for your treatment. More information about the package is available on our portal

Corona is one of the deadliest diseases in Indian history, resulting in many deaths and confining people at home. With no surety of the causes of the disease’s spread, the virus is getting transmitted rapidly among people. This rapid transmission is one of the top reasons people of the same family are affected at once, causing many inconveniences.

The virus is so infectious that if one of your family members is trying to take care of you, there are very high chances of getting him/her affected. You can’t walk into any hospital to get a consultation for the treatment. Hence, the rise of online covid consultation allows you to take consultations at home through video or audio. 

Covid consultation patients categories

People around the world are researching to know the reasons how this virus is mutating so fast but unable to find any concrete answer. However, based on the criticality or spread of the virus, experts have divided covid patients into three categories –

  • Mild disease: Patients having fewer or Upper respiratory tract symptoms without breathlessness or hypoxia.  
  • Moderate disease: A patient with SpO2 90 to 93% on room air or has breathlessness with a Respiratory rate greater than or equal to 24/min.
  • Severe disease: A patient having SpO2 less tha 90% on room air or have breathlessness with a Respiratory rate greater than or equal to 30/min.

In the absence of any vaccine to treat coronavirus, the government has created various guidelines. Few guidelines issued by the government for mild symptoms are

  • Patients need to be isolated at home and provided home care.
  • Social distancing to be followed with a minimum 6 feet distance
  • Indoor mask to be used to contain the spread of the virus
  • Strict hand hygiene is provided with utmost care.
  • Be in touch with a physician or covid specialist continuously.
  • Oxygen and temperature to be monitored at a regular interval (oxygen is particularly monitored to check SpO2 levels)
  • Symptomatic management through hydration, antipyretics, antitussive, and multivitamins

If your condition is stable and your body reacts to the provided treatment, there is no need to get admitted. Patients having moderate disease need to be admitted to the ward. However, for severe disease, they should be admitted to ICU. If you have mild disease and you are facing any of the below symptoms, you should seek medical attention

  • Short breath at room air
  • High fever or severe cough for more than five days
  • If you have any high-risk factors like age greater than 60, Cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes, etc.

Get Covid Consultation experience

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