Maruti Wagon R CNG First Drive Review

Maruti WagonR CNG First Drive Review
Maruti WagonR CNG First Drive Review

Maruti WagonR has created a masterpiece and worked on space feature, which all car brands want improvised. The company has established its reputation over the years, and it is also known as a best seller. Both petrol and CNG have been a successful creation. With affordability, it becomes more beneficial. There are more details that will clarify the questions you have in your mind.

When it comes to CNG cars, fuel economy plays a vital role. Maruti Wagon R CNG gives a mileage of 26 km/kg, which indicates that 10-12 kg of CNG cylinder is able to cover approx 250 km. If compared to the petrol version, it consists of some frugal quantity. A liter of petrol costs more than one can afford whereas CNG costs less. As it features CNG, it has landed itself on the advantage of being the best seller, and it also has a market share of 45% in cities like Delhi and Mumbai.

How is the representation of exterior design?

The car model gets the similarity in designing from the petrol version. You can tell by the look that it has no difference at all. It is available in the ‘Lxi’ variant only. This hatchback model is a popular one and known as the fast seller, especially in metro cities. The style concept used in this car is very simple and attractive. There are elements that make this model more striking like clear lens headlamps and the chrome strip on the front grille.

How is the representation of interior design?

The entry point will make you feel good, as you do not have to struggle by climbing up on the seat. One can easily fit, even if the driver is 6 feet or plus, as there is enough headroom, and everything is visible from there as well. The front of the car is designed clean with a black dashboard and two-tone beige. The Lxi variant is the base model, which implies that it does not have an instrumental panel, except the AC switches. But the Vxi variant is loaded with features like radio, USB ports, Aux, and an in-dash music player. The AC vents of the car are designed in a wider range, which cools down the car in seconds. The interior also has a soothing effect that would not create a negative impact.

The rear seats have enough space, where three people can fit easily. Not only the seats are spacious, but the storage space is also wider. These features add up the advantage of buying the car, which is enjoyable for every age group. The cabin includes cup holders, and front doors have small storage where you can keep your water bottles. As for reviewing the car model, I found it fascinating in terms of space and storage availability. There is only one thing low keyed in my opinion and that is ‘boot’. The boot space in the car model includes 341 liters. The car model is also designed with an anti-lock braking system, which is appreciable. It is also built a safety protocol system, as it has a driver airbag system in the car. The car gets power steering, and it makes the car quite impressive. It is also designed with power windows at the front. The cabin includes a total of 5 seats with a comfortable shoulder and headroom.

About Engine:

It comes with a 1.0-litre petrol engine and has an auto switch for CNG. At starting it goes up with petrol, and after a few seconds, the system automatically changes to CNG. But it is convertible to petrol anytime. The car provides easy drivability with power to enjoy the ride. It can achieve the destination of 100 km/hr without any kind of trouble. One can find city driving enjoyable, as there is not much need for the gear shift. But it is obvious that there are differences between CNG and petrol. But the difference is negligible until you have decided to race. The engine is quiet and smooth even if you are driving at 100 km/hr speed. The car gets 3 cylinders, and there are 4 valves per cylinder. The engine revs up to 998 cc. Maruti WagonR is powered by an 1197 cc engine, and the car model has a manual transmission. It puts out 58.33 bhp at 5500 rpm of power, and 78 Nm at 3500 rpm of torque.

How is the handling and riding system?

It is absolutely amazing for city driving and has improvised the handling system of the car over the years. The steering also responds very well at normal speeds but can be a trouble at a higher speed. It is easy to take turns and is easy to handle until you cross the 100 km/hr limit. Regardless, this car model is not designed for high-speed racing. The riding experience was quite splendid. You can enjoy the ride without realizing crossing over the pot-holes and bumps in the road, as it has suspensions that work like a cushion. The new model of Maruti WagonR is known as the better ones, and it also stands out differently in competition. However, the seats at the back might not be much comfortable, but with wider space, the passengers can fit easily, even for long routes. The overall experience of the car has been satisfactory according to its cost and standards.

Color Availability: There are several colors available for this model such as Silky silver, Midnight black, Firebrick red, Superior white, Bakers, chocolate, Glistening Grey, and Breeze blue.

Is it worth buying?

However, it lacks so many features in terms of a multi-functional steering wheel, alloy wheels, passenger airbag, automatic climate control, and etc. The car model costs approx Rs. 5.2 lakhs. The CNG feature is not available in the Vxi variant. If compared to the price, it is worth buying, and I have experienced it from all aspects. The car is also suitable for beginners as well. Well, at this price range, it stands against various rivals like Hyundai Santro Magna CNG, Maruti Swift LXI, and Maruti Celerio VXI CNG.