Important things to know if you are new to the Portable Nebulizer Machine

Important Things to know if you are new to the Portable Nebulizer Machine

The portable Nebulizers are not new! You will be surprised to know that the nebulizer was invented in 1858. Indeed, the machine has gone through a lot of transformations since then, and now it comes in a portable, easy-to-use size. Now you can easily buy a nebulizer machine from any local pharmacy near you and keep it at home as it is super easy to use by anyone. In fact, if someone at your home is suffering from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder, it must-to-have at home to help the patient control their breathing problem. One cannot rust to a doctor every time patients need assistance.

If you are planning to get a nebulizer for the first time, there might be hundreds of questions that come in your head. The best portable nebulizer, how to use it? What is the actual use of it? And more. We tried to cover three important things that you should know if you’re new to nebulizers. Keep reading this blog…!!

What is a portable nebulizer?

According to Easy Aid, a portable Nebulizer is a device that converts liquid drugs into a mist that can easily discover by someone having breathing problems like asthma. Nebulizers are an essential part of COPD treatment because they administer the medication directly to the lungs in a mist form, which helps reduce respiratory problems. There is a range of COPD drugs to be nebulized.

A nebulizer is widely used as a drug delivery method wherein the medication is supposed to be inhaled by a patient in the form of a fine mist. It goes straight into the patient’s lungs and is generally preferred by doctors and medical professionals over inhalers which are used in less severe cases. Nebulizers are highly recommended when it comes to treating respiratory conditions amongst children and senior citizens as well since they find it easier to use and maintain.

What are the different types of nebulizers?

The two primary and most popular types of nebulizers are jet and ultrasonic nebulizers. These are –

· Jet Nebulizers are also referred to as atomizers or compression nebulizers. These devices basically make use of a compressor to vaporize your liquid medicine and make it breathable.

· Ultrasonic nebulizers are also called mesh nebulizers. These devices make use of high-frequency sound waves to make it easy for a patient to breathe in their liquid medication.

Consult a physician or ask your doctor which type of nebulizer is ideal for your unique respiratory condition. In most cases, compression nebulizers are best-suitable for most types of respiratory illnesses.

Uses of Nebulizers –

Nebulizers are usually used for the treatment of conditions like –

  • Severe Asthma
  • COPD
  • Cystic Fibrosis
  • Wheezing
  • Breathlessness
  • Chest Tightness
  • Excessive Phlegm and Mucus
  • Bronchiectasis

Nebulizers turn liquid drugs into a fine mist that can be easily inhaled by the user. Portable, effective, and easy to use, a nebulizer is a must-have device in any household that has someone who is struggling to overcome breathing problems.

Different components of a Typical Nebulizer –

A nebulizer basically consists of the following parts:

  • The base consists of an efficient air compressor, a container for the medication, and a connecting compressor tube.
  •  A mouthpiece or a small mask can be used by the patient to inhale the fine mist.

The compressor pressurizes the air which is passed through the tube and converts the liquid medications into a mist that can be inhaled by the users. It is simpler for a patient to inhale this mist as opposed to using a pocket-friendly inhaler this mist as opposed to uses a pocket inhaler or consuming the medication in any other form whenever they suffer from an asthma attack, where it is difficult to breathe normally. Nebulizers are well-known to be effective for both rescue therapy and long-term maintenance therapy, which asthma patients can rely on. It is also possible to deliver different medications at the same time or at different times using this device.

How to clean a nebulizer?

Running your nebulizer component under a stream of normal or warm water is usually good enough to take care of your nebulizer on a daily basis. Although, if you have been advised to use it sparingly, make sure you use a mixture of vinegar and water. Soak your nebulizer in this mixture for about 15 minutes before rinsing the equipment and allowing it to dry naturally.


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