How to Use a Hair Mask, According to Your Hair Type

How to Use a Hair Mask, According to Your Hair Type
How to Use a Hair Mask, According to Your Hair Type

A hair mask is an essential treatment when it comes to hair care. These treatments target particular hair concerns, like damage, frizz, dryness, or lack of nourishment. The type of hair you have determines how frequently you should use a mask, as well as the mask that is ideal for your hair.

For example, if you have chemically treated damaged hair, look for a hair mask with ingredients like curry leaves, amla, shikakai, and fenugreek. Often people get confused when searching for and using a mask for their specific hair type. Given below is the right way of using it as per your hair type. 

Picking a Suitable Mask for Your Hair

All hair experts agree that the time for using a mask for hair comes when you notice your hair being visibly dull, frizzy, or dry.

Apart from this, another big reason for using it is when you have incurred chemical damage on your hair from hair relaxers, perming, or hair coloring. When using hair masks, it’s best to adhere to the instructions that you see on the pack. It will help you to get the maximum benefits from it.

Mask for damaged and dry hair

Hair whose structure lacks oils and moisture to keep it silky feels brittle and dry. Particularly in the summers, as it gets warmer, your hair starts losing its moisture. So, massaging a decent amount of treatment mask on dry hair can significantly improve its condition.

However, if you have fine hair, then you don’t want to use much product. Use a mask once every three or four weeks. On the other hand, you can use a mask once a week if you have naturally curly or coarse hair.

Mask for color-treated hair

A majority of women are fond of coloring their hair. Although there’s nothing wrong with it, you also need to make sure that you are taking due care of your hair after the coloring treatment otherwise, the hair can get damaged.

A critical part of taking care of your locks includes using masks that are specifically developed for color-treated hair. A hair mask with a blend of natural ingredients like hibiscus and neem leaves is perfect for color-treated hair for both men and women. Such a mask, when regularly used, minimizes color fading and rejuvenates moisture in the hair. 

Mask for curly hair

Those having naturally curly hair should use hair masks that enhance the bounce and keep their curls frizz-free and well-defined.

People who air-dry their curls should use a mask that is not too heavy. It allows the curls to remain bouncy and light. Do not keep the mask for more than 20 minutes and after that, let your curls air dry. 

Some Rules to Follow While Using Hair Masks

  • Let your hair absorb the nutrients of the mask. Do not rinse after you apply it immediately.
  • Let it work on your hair so that you reap its most benefits. 
  • Adhere to the instructions to avoid wasting the product. Some masks need to be applied to damp hair. If you do not read the instructions properly and apply the mask to dry hair, you will use a lot of your product.
  • Always consult your hairstylist before using a new mask, especially if you have recently treated your hair chemically.

Everyone, irrespective of their hair type, needs to use a mask. It should be designed for your specific type of hair to nourish it and prevent premature hair fall. Look for one with natural ingredients that work to heal your hair from within.