How To Choose The Best Preschool For Your Toddler?

How To Choose The Best Preschool For Your Toddler
How To Choose The Best Preschool For Your Toddler

Over time, the research regarding benefits from early education has led to more significant support for sending children to pre-school. That is why, deciding the right pre-school for your children has to be a crucial decision, bound to give parents jitters.

Pre-school is your child’s first interaction with formal education, so a wrong decision can make or break the educational foundation of your child. Here are a few tips that can help you find a pre-school best suited for your unique child.

  1. Talk to other parents. 

One of the best ways to find a pre-school in your locality is to talk to parents, children and friends around the area.

Other parents’ experiences with pre-schools, while they were on a hunt, can tell you a lot about how a pre-school is performing. Begin with inquiring about the student-teacher ratio and the qualification of teachers. Ask around whether the school has been around for long or is new in this locality. If you are talking to parents, definitely ask about their experiences with the pre-school and why it did or didn’t work out for them.

  1. Teaching methodologies followed by the school. 

Many playschools can follow different approaches to education. Some might be following “play way” methodology or a “learning by doing” methodology. Others might be teaching through the Mario Montessori or the Regio Emilia approach.

No matter how impressive any approach sounds, you can only gather so much by mere labelling of an educational system.

Be sure to contact the prospective pre-school representatives and understand their approach and philosophy to you.

  1. Infrastructure and safety 

It is imperative to go on a campus tour and see for yourself all the facilities available for your child. Since this might be the very first place your child visits aside from their home, it should have enough facilities to make them comfortable. While nobody is asking for high-end facilities, basic needs like playrooms, field to run around and a well-lit and ventilated classroom are essential.

In the same manner, do not get too excited or impressed with just the facilities; safety is also equally important. While the campus may be significant, but if there aren’t enough CCTV cameras or able guards, you need to reconsider sending your child to the playschool.

Ensure that the pre-school has the latest technology and reliable staff. The campus will be filled with toddlers, who will need constant supervision throughout the day. Make sure your pick can provide safety, facilities and continuous care.

  1. Room for parent involvement 

As a parent, it is your right to be involved in your child’s education and be regularly updated about it. Inquire how the pre-schools include you in your child’s education. Some pre-schools send regular report cards at home; some make e-accounts with the pre-school so that you can track your child’s progress on your desktops.

Keeping in mind how much involvement you require, inquire about the school’s policy of including parents. Some pre-schools can be strict about observation days and parents visiting, and others might be open to parents coming in and out of the school to see their kids.

Be clear regarding what their policies are and what you require for your child. Eventually, you will choose the right pre-school.

  1. Convenience of location 

Location of a pre-school is another significant factor to decide for. A child that goes to a pre-school too far from their home might get back tired and irritable. Maintaining friendships will also be more comfortable if your child goes to a pre-school in their locality.

The flip side of the coin is, however, if your child goes to a pre-school near your office, the ride back home can be great for bonding between the child and parents.

Considering all the factors mentioned above, decide a feasible location and shortlist the best pre-schools in that area.

  1. Visit and experience 

As mentioned earlier, a tour of the campus is necessary. By touring the campus, you will realise if you like the general atmosphere for the school. Are there open spaces? Are the classrooms well-built, ventilated and get sunlight?

These factors are essential to decide what kind of environment you wish to send your child in. If your child is creative, find a pre-school with loads of open spaces, possibly a problem-based learning school, and a school focusing on critical thinking skills beside academics. Many parameters decide whether a pre-school is fit for you or not. Budget related constraints also play an important role in cementing your decision. Once you have been over all the details and parameters, you can finally go for nursery admission in Gurgaon and get your child enrolled in the pre-school of your choice.