How to choose an Apartment in a New Building in Singapore?

How to choose an Apartment in a New Building in Singapore?
How to choose an Apartment in a New Building in Singapore?

Choose an apartment in a new building is like a pig in a poke. This is an important and sometimes challenging task. The choice is difficult and scary. There is always a chance that a new apartment will not live up to expectations. For example, it will be with thin walls or poor-quality repairs. Experts have collected basic tips for choosing a home in a new home to help you avoid mistakes.

District selection

In the capital, you can find a new building in any area. If you love the lights and noise of a metropolis, then you will like the location of the house in the city center. Residential complexes located in districts remote from the center are in no way inferior in terms of their comfort.

Transport accessibility

Family logistics will depend on which mode of transport is preferable in each case. If you are planning to travel by public transport, then the nearby metro and public transport stops will be a plus. At the same time, traffic jams can occur on central roads during peak hours, so the actual time it will take to get to work and return home should be considered.

Project infrastructure

Most developers are now offering future residents not just new housing, but a comfortable lifestyle. Canninghill Piers includes playgrounds and sports grounds, shops, summer terraces on the upper floors, and even special places for large celebrations. It all depends on individual preferences, since you can choose an apartment for every taste.

It is worth mentioning the availability of parking spaces in the new building. In the best case, their number should be 1: 1. if there are fewer of them, then over time there may be problems with parking.

Analysis of the activities of the developer

Most buyers give preference to recognized market leaders with a large volume of development, long experience in the primary real estate market. An indirect positive characteristic of the construction company is the composition of the banks that issue mortgages for the developer’s new buildings. This is most likely confirmed that this is a high-quality developer and you can trust him with your money.

Visit the developer’s office and get acquainted with all the necessary documents. You can Read more on Canninghill Piers from the website.

Choose an apartment and its floor

To improve the social infrastructure, the first floors in new buildings are planned to accommodate various commercial structures. These are shops, pharmacies, offices and other consumer service points.

The upper floors are no longer a problem either, thanks to modern layouts and materials. As a rule, roofs do not leak. On the other hand, choosing an apartment on the upper floors have a number of advantages. This is an attic, a terrace, in some complexes even a swimming pool.

Finishing and renovation

Completed renovation reduces the time of entry into the choosing an apartment and savings on repairs. Repair from the developer will cost several times less than doing it yourself. Designers create projects that meet the requirements of a typical family. Lightbox only needs to be finished, create an author’s design. 

Choose an apartment – what are you paying for?

You need to ask the developer what the price of the apartment is based on. Specify the cost per square meter, finishes, how the floor and the view from the window affect the price. All surcharges and conditions must be specified in the contract.

The price of the issue is the biggest headache for anyone who decides to buy a property. Study the offers on the market. Check out all the pros and cons. Read more on Canninghill Piers, ask the developer about discounts, promotions, and installments.

The advantages are now on the side of the new building, and not on the secondary residential real estate market. More and more buyers prefer new residential complexes. This is due to the fact that the choice of housing is very diverse, and developers literally “catch” their buyers, offering convenient and flexible terms of buying real estate.