How to Buy Mixer Grinders? [Master Buying Guide]

How to Buy Mixer Grinders?
How to Buy Mixer Grinders?

Mixer grinders are an integral element in every kitchen, no matter if it’s modern or traditional. Without a mixer mill, it’s impossible to prepare mouthwatering sauces and curries at home. From making the tomato paste to making mango juice, you need the aid of a mixer.

There are various kinds of mixer grinders that are available on the market. Each mixer grinder is equipped with distinct options. The most important thing you’ll have to consider is what is the mixer grinder? Although it’s not an issue to operate a mixer grinder, you need to be familiar with the jars.

Let’s look at the best way to use the mixer grinder!

These are actions you’ll need to follow when using an electric mixer.

1. Gather the ingredients

Electric Mixer Grinder

Take all the components that you’d like to grind. It is important to store all the ingredients in a specific order. This way, you won’t have problems when you place it into the container.

2. Pick the right jar

There will be a second container when you purchase this mixer. It comes with a wet grinding container, a chutney-making jar, and other jars. If you’re planning to make chutneys, you should consider the chutney jar.

3. Add the ingredients to it.

The next step involves putting the ingredients into the container. Begin with the first ingredient, and then put it in one by one.

4. Pour in the water.

Mixer Grinder

If you are using one or more ingredients, you should add some water immediately after you pour the ingredient. Then, add the remaining ingredients into the container.

5. Close the lid to the jar.

To avoid spillage, be sure you lock the jar securely. In addition, if you fail to secure the locking mechanism of the pot, it could cause damage to your expensive mixer. Also, be sure to select from the best mixer grinder in India that ensures high stability while you grind.

6. Place the jar in the machine grinder.

Also, make sure that you keep the jar in its position for usage. Be sure it’s properly fitted in the space. Be sure to keep it in place and then check it against the machine. Additionally, you must work on checking it for cross-checks to prevent any harm to the grinder of the mixer.

7. Start it

Mixer Grinder

After putting the jar into the jar, plug it in and turn on the switch. Control the speed using speed control. Start with the slowest speed setting, and then gradually raise the rate of your mill.

8. Be sure about the accuracy of the speed.

It is vital for the ingredient to be ground at the right speed. If you grind at the proper speed, you will be able to maintain that consistency in the mixture.

9. Stop using the app after a few minutes.

When the pasta is cooked, switch off and then take off the container. Make sure to unplug the mixer’s grinder. It will ensure the security of the mixer.

10. Put the pasta in the bowl, then wash.

Pour the paste you made into the bowl. Then, you need to clean the jar.

These are the essential steps you should follow to make use of your mixer. In addition, it is possible to use your mixer grinder to serve numerous uses. Here are the details about the earlier assertion.

11. The recipe for South-Indian Dishes

If you’re a fan of South Indian food, You can prepare the batter for dosa and the like using an electric mixer. It will make cooking easier and can save you time.

12. Spices Powder

The majority of people do not purchase spices bought from the market. They prepare the masala at home to enhance the flavor of their dishes. With the aid of an electric mixer, you can prepare masala powder from your home.

13. Make the paste

Purees are the main ingredient of some meals, particularly cheese dishes. In order to make Punjabi paneer, the best consistency of the puree is essential. It is only possible by using a mixer grinder. It is possible to make tomato puree and increase the taste of your food.

14. Chutneys

With the mixer grinder, you can prepare a variety of sauces, ranging from mint chutney to coriander chutney. Chutney made at home is an essential element in Indian food. Beyond a shadow of any question, but without this chutney, it’s difficult to achieve food flavor.

15. To crush the sugar.

To cook mouth watering desserts, grinding sugar is required. You can crush sugar using an electric grinder rather than using traditional methods. In the end, you can prepare desserts in less time at the stove.

Furthermore, when you use the grinder, it is important to be aware of some guidelines in your head to ensure your safety. These are some of the tips:

  • Secure the jar with precision
  • Seek out the speed
  • Make use of the damp cloth to remove the cord
  • Don’t use the grinder in a damp area.
  • Clean the mixer improperly after every use.

In conclusion, there are guidelines you must be aware of when working with the mixer grinder. With these tips, you can utilize a mixer grinder effectively.

Different kinds of Mixer grinders 

there are many different types of Mixer grinders, some of them are:


It is a hand-held device designed to blend and mix ingredients for cooking in a semi-liquid form. It comes with a motor and is compatible with any kind of bowl. The buttermilk churners and egg beaters belong to this category.


A stand mixer is a robust machine that mixes semi-solid types of food.


A grinder can be described as a larger machine that is used to grind ingredients into a powdered form. It is able to grind wet and dry food products. It is commonly used to grind cereals, lentils, and other spices. They can further be subdivided into the meat grinder and coffee grinders.