How Does The Sublimation Printing Work?

How Does The Sublimation Printing Work?
How Does The Sublimation Printing Work?

 The sublimation is a strange-looking word with a simple meaning. Often when people come across this word “sublimation” they misinterpret it for something related to either underwater ship like a submarine or with subtitle.

But the meaning of the word is entirely different, the process of high tech printing that is commonly used for printing on textiles or apparel. In this article we will be discussing the topic of sublimation in detail from what it means to what are its disadvantages, all the aspects will be covered.


Let’s start with the boarder topic, the meaning of the word- The procedure to transfer design from the computer software on a particular object or piece of cloth is known as sublimation cloth printing. It the process of digital printing especially for the textile industry. 

How does the Sublimation printing process work?

The process begins with getting a design onto the special paper which is used for the process and is easily available in the market.  Then through a special printing device, the ink used for printing turns into gas with heat compression. The design then gets transferred permanently on the piece of clothing with the help of heat compression.

The designs printed on the fabric have a permanent effect and are not prone to fading, but sometimes despite all the efforts the prints might fade due to the quality of the fabric or the incomplete procedure of printing. Though the heat compression transfers the design or print permanently on the fabric, it’s still necessary to carry out the process by keeping in mind all the aspects.

The process is very similar to the process of tattooing, here instead of your skin its in the object or fabric. The process takes place when the heat opens the fabric’s pores and then with the pressure the ink is transferred to the fabric, then the fabric cools down and the pores get closed. This process facilitates permanent printing on different fabrics. Sublimation clothing printing is very popular and most used in the textile industry, as these days the trends of printed appeals are very popular.

The result of the procedure is so that the designs printed on the fabric will not wash away, or fade away or even get cracks, as the effects are permanent. While carrying out the process the ink is transferred from a solid substance to a gas without being liquefied just like the procedure of dry ice, as the process is commenced with the help of heat and then controlled with the help of pressure.

The usage and demand for dye sublimation printing have been growing rapidly from the past few years. The process can facilitate the design to be printed seem to seem on the fabric which saves a lot of time and effort of the manufacturers. 

The process of sublimation is not limited to fabrics or textile only, it can also be used on ceramic objects, wood, and even metals. The only difference between the different types of objects is that the printing ink and the special coating material differs depending upon the nature of the product.

Advantages of the Sublimation printing process

One of the best benefits of this procedure is that you have full freedom of choosing the design and the placement of the design, which many methods do not offer. Manufacturers can go wild with the process and expand their range of clothing by customizing the cloths as per the customer’s preference and demand.

There are endless possibilities to design your clothing line with different prints. You can go for classy designs, or hippie designs, funny designs, and writing are also getting very famous. So the manufactures can try out any type of design prints for their brand.

The best thing about sublimation Printing t-shirts is that there’s a very rare chance that the designs on the t-shit fade away or crack open. As the procedure is carried out in such a systematic way that there is almost zero chance of it to fail. 

The printing process is suitable for printing small batches, the orders which demand seem to seem design on the piece of cloth are best suited for the process. Those garments require extra attention as there are a large variety of designs and application included.

The sublimation printing is best suited for photography prints as well; the process transfers the image with proper finishing which enhances the quality of the design as well as the fabric. The process fills the whole garment or the piece of cloth with the image, rather than placing it awkwardly in front in a rectangular shape.  

Similarly, while getting design prints on tank tops, the process works well for those types of garments as well. The garments which require logo prints also use the sublimation process for the better quality of design printing.

Thus, customers or business owners should choose dye sublimation printing services wisely to get the best output.