How Difficult is Passing ACCA?

How Difficult is Passing ACCA?
How Difficult is Passing ACCA?

As we all know, ACCA is an internationally recognized qualification, and clearing the ACCA exams causes you to a licensed accountant also as you gain the ACCA membership. There are,  of accounting qualifications like CIMA, CPA, but ACCA is more popular among the scholars due to the plethora of career opportunities it offers you. That’s why ACCA is named a worldwide qualification which will unlock 1,000,000 opportunities.

How difficult is ACCA?

This question runs within the minds of, of scholars. But there’s no typical straightforward answer to the present question. With 14 papers to clear the exam, you would like to place in some time and investment to clear the exam and become a professional ACCA member. Though you’ve got ten years to finish the course, most of the scholars complete the course at a mean of 4 years.

Once you clear the papers, you’ve got a knowledgeable ethics module and you ought to also complete three years of professional experience. Counting on your previous qualifications, you’ll have exemptions within the fundamental level and this is often valued by most scholars. Added to the present, the ACCA course intrinsically is flexible where there’s no grouping of papers and you’ll learn the course from anywhere and during a convenient time.

The issue degree of the examination completely relies upon an individual’s preceding qualifications, expert experience, degree of sincerity, and determination closer to the course. If you’re new to accounting, you’ll need to put in extra hours of labor to master the concepts. But this is often why there’s a diploma or foundation level where you’ll cover all the fundamentals of accounting and gain a fundamental level of understanding of what ACCA is all about.

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Plan your course of preparation:

The success of failure depends on your effort and the way you propose some time accordingly. When it involves the ACCA course, you’ve got to be wise enough to settle on your learning partner because you’ll even work and study part-time, where your expenses get covered by your employer. So experts like Grant Thornton are involved in providing professionally trained faculty members to show the themes.

You can also learn ACCA online from,  of trusted online tuition platforms like who has partnered with Grant Thornton to supply complete clarity of the concepts. As far as the ACCA syllabus cares, it covers not only financial and accounting aspects, but also business management concepts, financial planning, strategic deciding, and so on. Thereby at the top of the course, you tend to become a holistic individual and employable. Plan some time accordingly and confirm you set your target as 3 or 4 years to finish the course. This may assist you to appear for the exams accordingly and also assist you in speeding your preparation.

So, are you preparing for the ACCA exam and getting to become a financial management professional? We have a couple of secret tips to share which can assist you to clear ACCA exams. 

Start revising early

Allot much time for revision while you frame your study calendar. Cover all the portions beforehand, and leave enough time for revising it multiple times before the exam. You would like to find out and allot time to thoroughly understand what you’ve learned.

This way you’ll perform better in your ACCA exams. Trust us LTM works better than STM for your exam.

Think from the attitude of the examiner

Know what the examiners of the ACCA exam are trying to find, so that you’ll streamline your exam preparation. Also, know the common reasons for failure for college kids who have previously appeared for the exams. Confirm you correct it before appearing for the exams.

You can get a concept of an examiner’s angle with the aid of using surfing the Examiner’s Interview Approach suggestions given on the internet site of ACCA.

Don’t get drowned in exam stress

As mentioned earlier, the ACCA exam isn’t easy to clear. However, you ought to not drown in stress while you steel oneself against the exam.

Although you ought to prepare hard for the exam, don’t assume that you simply don’t have a life outside. Relax for some time during the revision days. You can’t perform well if you’re stressed about the exam.

Keep practicing the answering techniques

Knowledge about the portions is important. At an equivalent time, you ought to be proficient about the answering techniques also, to return call with flying colors.

Download questions papers from the ACCA website, and maintain practicing. The way during which your answer is extremely important during this exam.

Be healthy

In the run-up of the exam, don’t forget about your health. Confirm you are doing not skip your meals. Give rest and sleep for 6 to seven hours during the exam days. You’ll hardly perform well for the exam if you ignore your health.

ACCA isn’t as difficult as you think that or assume:

When going gets tough, the tough get going. This is often one success formula many students who aspire to become a worldwide accountant follow. Your level of commitment and learning from the simplest study experts can lead you to success undoubtedly. Trust your functionality and maintain pushing yourself to exceed your expectations. Practice can assist you to master any topic; taking, of mock assessments, appearing for the quarterly exams on, then can lead you simply to completing the course with bright colors in almost 4 years.