Hair Transplantation Cost in Pune

Hair transplantation cost in Pune
Hair transplantation cost in Pune

Hair transplantation – Clarification

Hair transplantation is a surgical technique that removes hair follicles from one part of the body, referred to as the ‘donor site’, to a bald or hairless part of the body called the ‘recipient site’.

Hair transplantation cost in Pune and similar cities are cost-effective and affordable. The technique is primarily accustomed to treat male pattern depilation. The procedure can be done on any part of the body that has hair on it. For example, eyelashes, eyebrows, chest hair, etc.


It’s going to take up to 2 years before you see the ultimate result with the full transplant series. The quantity of coverage you’ll have is partly dependent upon the color and texture of your hair. Coarse, grey, or pastel hair affords higher coverage than fine, dark-colored hair. The number of huge plugs transplanted within the initial session varies with every individual, however, the common is almost fifty. For mini-grafts or micro-grafts, the amount is often up to 700 per session.

Just before surgery, the “donor area” is going to be cut short, during this time the grafts are often simply accessed and removed. For punch grafts, your doctor could use a special tube-like instrument fabricated from sharp steel that punches the spherical graft out of the donor website thus it is often replaced within the space to be covered—generally the frontal hairline.

For different styles of grafts, your doctor can use a surgical knife to get rid of tiny sections of hair-bearing scalp, which is able to be divided into little sections and transplanted into little holes or slits among the scalp. Once grafts square measure is taken, your doctor could sporadically inject tiny amounts of saline into the scalp to keep up correct skin strength.

The donor website holes are also closed with stitches—for punch grafts, one sew could shut every punch site; for different styles of grafts, a small, straight-line scar can come as a result. The stitch marks sometimes hide with the encircling hair.


The elements or factors that determine the cost for the whole process depends on,

  1. The patient’s residential location or place.
  2. The reputation and the level of experience the doctor you go to has.
  3. Depending on the treatment you undergo, the cost varies.
  4. The clinic you choose to go to.
  5. The infrastructure and the framing of the clinic.


After totally cleansing your scalp, a medico uses a tiny low needle to numb a part of your head with local anesthesia.

Two main techniques are accustomed to getting follicles for transplantation: FUT and FUE.

In cyst unit transplantation (FUT):

  • The medico can use a surgical knife to chop out a strip of scalp skin from the rear of the top. The incision is usually many inches long.
  • This is often closed with stitches.
  • The medico next separates the removed portion of the scalp into tiny sections employing a magnifying lens and sharp knife. once constituted, these sections can facilitate bring home the bacon natural-looking hair growth.

In cyst unit extraction (FUE) the hair follicles are cut out directly from the rear of the top through lots of to thousands of little punch incisions.

  • The medico makes small holes with a blade or needle within the space of your scalp that’s receiving the hair transplant.
  • Throughout the treatment session, a medico might transplant lots of or maybe thousands of hairs.
  • Later, the graft, gauze, or bandages can cowl your scalp for many days.

A hair transplant session will take four hours or a lot of. Your stitches are removed within ten days when surgery.

You may need up to a few or four sessions to realize the total head of hair you want.

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Natural Hair Regrowth

Hair transplant has proved to be a blessing for those that wish to possess a natural-looking hairline. The surgery is finished by the movement of hair from the donor to the recipient site. Hence, the feel and also the look of the donor’s hair utterly match the present hair.

The minimal period of time

Another good thing about hair transplantation is that it ensures a borderline period of time. Just by bed rest for some days, you’ll be able to resume your everyday activities. However, it’s important to require permission from your doctor before you resume your physical activity.

Pain and Scar Free

If you select any of the ways of hair transplantation, and it’s done right then no visible scar is going to be left on your scalp once after the surgery. Also, hair transplantation is conducted below anesthesia, you’ll feel no pain throughout the sessions.