Are You Facing Domestic Violence From Your Spouse? Get Legal Help

Are You Facing Domestic Violence From Your Spouse? Get Legal Help

When the word domestic violence comes society only thinks of physical violence with visible injuries, it is just a type of abuse. There are many more violence which are indirectly harmful to the individual.

Types of domestic violence-

  1. Mental torture
  2. Vocal abuse
  3. Physical violence or sex abuse (beating, rape)
  4. Emotional abuse
  5. Economic or financial abuse
  6. Blames or threats of violence

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Mental torture or harassment-

This abuse can sweep an individual into mental problems like suicidal phenomenon. It hardly includes any physical harm to individuals as not all mental abuse includes physical abuse. Through mental abuse, he or she can become mentally retarded.

Vocal abuse-

It contains the abusive words and threats used against the partner in the relationship, they could be in-laws or spouse. Vocal abuse can result in mental stress and mental torture. It can be hurtful sayings or vocal torture and putting down the partner’s self-esteem.

Physical violence-

It includes the beating of the partner, forced sex (rape), giving any kind of physical pain, or killing the victim. Physical abuse can be achieved by any tough weapon or body strength to harm their partner. This could be minor like agitating partners from anger, pinching, punching, slapping, throwing, scratching, pushing, or any touch with anger can be included in physical abuse. Sexual abuse does not only include rape but every belittles behavior like talking about sex life in public, friends, and family without his or her concern. Exposing personal photos to friends or showing the partner’s body. pressuring partner for having sex without protection and then demanding to abort the child.

Emotional abuse

Emotional abuse is blackmailing other person emotionally by keeping another person in psychological trauma, chronic disorders, stress order. It includes continues ruthless behavior, insulting in public and in between friends, criticizing to disgrace and making victim feel underestimated.

Economic abuse

Economic abuse is when a family member uses the money of another person without their permission and does not repay it. When a person denies to support financially and with-holding the control over money, restricting the victim from working or attending school because of the fear of making them independent and means of control. Limiting partner to communicate among friends and family members. It is the most common abuse in which the victim itself not able to notice this.

Blames or threats of violence

Blaming partner is the abusive practice of blaming the victim for any harm occur that befell them and giving threats of harming themselves or their loved ones. Using violent words against partner frightening them of rape, harm, and injuries.

Most victims of this violence are women and girls. Many of them keep these as secret and keep quiet because of society and their parents. Most of their partners apologizes for their behavior that it won’t repeat and do not file the case and ignore the disrespect. Sometimes partners do some love gestures after disrespecting his partner and female pass over without giving due attention. Some teen girls are abused by their step-parents and keep quiet because of independence. However, men, children, and old people can be victims at a smaller pace but we cannot neglect it. Many men victims do not file a case against his partner because he thinks about what society thinks that how weak he is and he is a stain in the name of men, where would his machoism gone etc. but the reality is men also face domestic violence from spouse and in-laws whether forcing him for certain things or disrespecting him in between friends or in public. Domestic violence against men is less considered by society which also restricts him from reporting and file cases against his spouse.

Domestic violence faced by lesbian, transgender, bisexual or homosexual

If you are lesbian, transgender, bisexual, or homosexual you might be facing domestic violence. If your partner says that no one going to accept that you are lesbian, this society does not accept you, makes you feel disgraceful and disrespects you because you are bisexual, beats you in the name of transgender, threatens you like if you leave you will spoil your life, forcing you for having sex, etc. then you are facing violence. Feel free to talk about your situation with domestic violence lawyer and get out of this traumatic situation.


Domestic violence is an act which should not be tolerated. Any victim out there should take a stand for themselves. There are many legal authorities present outside to help you. Don’t hesitate to talk about your situation and feel comfortable explaining your problems and sufferings which you are going through with professional family lawyers in Perth.

Abuse can start subtly but it can get worse. Stop being a victim at the first step and report file at the nearest police station and get legal help.