Effective tips to ace the CDS exam after the first stage

Effective tips to ace the CDS exam after the first stage
Effective tips to ace the CDS exam after the first stage

Every defence job aspirant in this nation always keeps an eye on the CDS (Combined Defence Services) exam. It is a golden opportunity for the defence job aspirants who are dire to serve the nation. However, many of them think that the only gateway to get the dream job in the defence sector is clearing the NDA (National Defence Academy) exam. But, CDS is also an opportunity where candidates have to clear two stages of the examination. Due to the pandemic, there are certain changes in the schedule. However, candidates do not have to worry about the schedule but the CDS Exam Pattern. So, those who are pretty confident about the CDS I stage or cleared it must read this blog to get tips to complete the pending journey.

Secret mantra to clear the CDS 2 round

Effective communication skills

Firstly, once the written part is cleared successfully, candidates have to cross through the interview round. Mostly, candidates ignore this round and are overconfident to clear it. However, inappropriate communication skills and lack of confidence may not give CDS aspirants the desired outcome. So, candidates must have a high level of confidence and appropriate communication skills to clear the interview round. Thus, it is only possible with thorough practice of grammar and the English language. Also, communicate with fellow aspirants who are preparing for the CDS examination. Moreover, candidates can also talk to themselves in the mirror. 

Follow current affairs and defence updates

Undoubtedly, in the interview round, there is a high probability that the interviewer will ask about defence and current affairs. So, giving blank faces in the answer won’t be a good idea, isn’t it? Therefore, follow the current updates and gather information and new knowledge from different sources. Moreover, this strategy will also help aspirants in clearing the CDS written examination. CDS aspirants who received the call letter for the SSB interview must pull up the socks for the Group Discussion. In this, there would be back-to-back discussions on multiple topics related to current affairs.

Develop problem-solving ability

So, those who think only bookish knowledge is helpful to clear the CDS stage 2 are wrong! Stage 2 of the selection is all about picture perception, psychological tests, story writing, and several others. Hence, here cognitive ability is more applied rather than mugging up books and their formulas. After completing the UPSC CDS Apply Online candidates must start the preparation for the problem solving ability that boosts the chances of clearing the exam. Also, have a fast decision making ability that adds value to the problem solving ability. These attributes are required in completing the group based tasks that carry importance in the CDS 2.

Stay mentally and physically fit

Finally, this is the important parameter that every aspirant has to consider. Serving as a defence personnel requires mentally and physically active people. So, there is no room for physical defects or mental flaws during the selection. It is understood that during the examination preparation aspirants have a huge level of stress to clear the examination. But, it also hampers their physical health that lowers the chances of selection. Therefore, staying physically and mentally active is essential. Candidates can practice yoga, light exercise like meditation. Also, some of them can join virtual gym classes amid the pandemic.

The bottom line

So, these were a few effective tips that help aspirants clear the examination. No matter when the scheduled date of the examination is, candidates have to aim for their results only. If you found this post interesting, share it with fellow aspirants.