What Are the Different Types of Paintball Guns That Exist Today?

What Are the Different Types of Paintball Guns That Exist Today?
What Are the Different Types of Paintball Guns That Exist Today?

In the twenty-first century, everyone has their own personal hobby. Many play video games, others make TikToks, others still like the personal thrill that paintball allows. 

As other articles on the internet state, paintball is largely enjoyed because it’s a thrilling social activity, combining the precision of sports with the adrenaline rush of an amusement park. 

If you’re looking to get into the great sport of paintball, you’re probably wondering what types of paintball guns are out there. This article will walk you through a brief guide to the different kinds of paintball guns. 


Mechanical paintball guns are the most popular paintball guns out there.

They’re semi-automatic paintball guns that typically make use of a blowback design. This means that when you pull a trigger you release a sear catch and strike a hammer that releases tension. 

The mechanically induced pressure in the gun is what causes it to fire. They operate on CO2 or compressed air, depending on what you can get your hands on. 

A mechanical paintball gun can fire around five to six times per second. They’re recommended for more recreational types of play, like woodsball. Though they’re efficient, they just don’t fire as fast as some other types of guns. 

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Pump paintball guns were the first type to ever be created, and this comes through in their move primitive design. They require manual operation to fire, like a shotgun. 

To fire the gun, you have to pump the marker on your own to chamber the next paintball into your gun.

They’re not great for people starting out on the sport, and they’re certainly the slowest type of paintball guns. However, they’ve gained popularity in recent years because they force paintballers to slow down and focus. 

These certainly wouldn’t be best for professional types of paintball like speedball. However, they’re great for competitive players in casual play.


Electronic paintball guns are the most advanced type of paintball guns out there and the type used in professional play. 

Everything is handled electronically. Firing the trigger is much like entering input into a computer. 

These types of paintball guns are battery-operated, using electronic solenoids to propel out the paintballs. 

Electric paintball guns have few downsides — besides the price. They’re fast, precise, and capable of firing at the powers that professionals require for high-paced speedball. 

On top of all of that, electronic paintball guns are like wooden bats in the MLB — they simply separate the amateurs from the pros. 

Understand the Types of Paintball Guns

Paintball is one of the most exciting hobbies you can get yourself into. However, there’s a lot of hardware you have to invest in before you’re fully in the hobby. 

Understand the different types of paintball guns, and you’re far more likely to shine.  For more articles like this, check out our “lifestyle” section.