Creative Ideas To Decorate Your Home With Vases

Creative Ideas To Decorate Your Home With Vases
Creative Ideas To Decorate Your Home With Vases

When it comes to bringing flair to your home environment, decor plays a huge role. What if we tell you that you can add something enticing to your home that is a very common household item? Yes, we are talking about the vases. You probably don’t know, but a nachtmann Saphir vase or different designer vases truly amp up your home interior in the best ways.  It is a great finishing touch whenever you wish to spice things up. So, to help you, we have come up with a list of creative ideas to help you decorate your home using vases. 

Ideas To Decorate Home With Vases: 

Use A Big Vase As Table Centerpiece 

If you have a big dining table, it feels a little empty, especially when not in use. So, one thing you can use to make it an active part of your decor is adding a big vase. One thing you have to keep in mind is choosing the vase size per your dining table’s measurements. Fill it with your choice of flowers, or just add some rustic elements to give a vintage touch to your dining decor. Ensure the vase doesn’t take up much space and hinder basic table use.

Add Elegant Glass Vase To A Lonely Corner 

We all know that glass vases make the most everlasting and spectacular choice for home decor. You can choose from a wide variety of glass vases available in the market to enlighten and spice up the lonely corner of your home. Every home has a corner that surrounds the minimum activity, so you can easily add a touch of elegant decor to it with the help of glass vases. Add your favorite flowers, or simply keep them as it is. It would surely give you a warm and refreshing feel. 

Put Tall Vase With Branches In Living Room

Tall vases truly look the most elegant, no matter wherever you place them. They can strategically place on the mantel, dresser, coffee table, or any other living room furniture. You can add height and uniqueness to your home decor by adding tall vases, especially with branches. Choose a color block version as they make your space look clean, especially when you have pattern-based colors around. Also, if you choose floral branches, glass vases are always better than handmade flower pots

Choose Jug Vases For Dried Flowers

If you wish to add a rustic touch to your decor, then you might opt for jug vases with dry flowers. This is because it serves as a very good contract element instead of regular decor vases. On the other hand, to add a contemporary look to your environment, then also try grabbing jug-style vases. These glasses are characterful, look quirky, and are suitable for a home-like vibe. In fact, they add a very personal touch to a space, and that too for all the good reasons. And as far as adding dry flowers is concerned, they last much longer than regular flowers.

Empty Sculpture Vases For Shelf

Even if they do look weird, sculpture vases decorate your home in the right way. They are made of ceramic and also come in different textures and shapes. If you wish to elevate a space to a museum-like feel and decor, these are your go-to choices. Compared with jug vases, they are quite modern and easy to adapt depending upon the material and texture. The best way to use these vases is to put them on the empty table along with some coffee table books and key holders. 

Vintage Planter Vases For Your Living Space 

Adding a bunch of iron base planter vases with some indoor house plants is one great idea to add freshness to your home decor. These planter vases spruce up the ambiance of any living space with minimal effort. It is a great way to impart life to your home literally and metaphorically too. With this unique vintage decor style, you get to add a positive environment that feels welcoming every day when you return home from work.


Even the most well-designed places can look empty if you do not add the finishing touches. And vases play an important role in completing those little left things in decor to elevate your home decor. So, it’s time to use your creativity and spruce up your home interiors with vases