Cheap Brass Knuckles Can Still Class-Up Your Life

Cheap Brass Knuckles Can Still Class-Up Your Life
Cheap Brass Knuckles Can Still Class-Up Your Life

If there is one thing that will always retain its badass reputation, its brass knuckles. They are tough, robust, and add confidence to anyone who uses them. Every time there’s someone in movies or ads wearing brass knuckles, we automatically know not to mess with them. That is the most impressive quality of these hand-held weapons; they look good and are handy. Even if you’ve never used them, invest in cheap brass knuckles once to see what the fuss is about.

Even though there are so many weapons that have made their mark, knuckles are still relatable. Simplicity is primary here, you can use brass knuckles a dozen ways, and they’d yield every time. Even with so much technology around, the timelessness of knuckles has kept them around one way or another. Not to mention, they look great and are used as accessories by many people as well.

The Relevance of Knuckles To Date

As a general rule of thumb, weapons rarely ever get obsolete. If it’s not utility, then it’s legacy that keeps them alive. In the case of Cheap Brass Knuckles, it’s both; the usage and the history behind them. 

Initially, knuckles were created somewhere in the 12th Century as war weapons. Soldiers used them in face-to-face combat to protect them from direct attack. In ancient Rome, gladiators used the knuckle duster in fighting arenas to hit with more force. Later on, they were still being used around World War I in the trenches.  

After all these years, brass knuckles have survived the invention of many gadgets as classic weapons. They are regarded as hefty, impactful weapons that work well for self-defense. But it is the design and boldness of the knuckles that have kept them alive all these years.


The Brass Knuckle Self Defense Techniques 

With all the guns and ammo becoming common everywhere, it might seem like knuckles are old news. However, they are still quite useful in a fight, and they can save your life if you use them right.

  • Firstly, there is no denying that brass knuckles are, in fact, useful weapons. They are quite handy in personal defense against harassers, robbers, and rioters. The heavy metal of the knuckle can severely bruise someone in a fight.
  • If you are tackled by someone head first, you can punch them in the head, ear, or nose. The impact on soft tissue or bone is the greatest with a knuckle.
  • If someone captures you from behind, the best thing to do is aim for the kneecap or the shin. The knuckle can cause intense pain, and that will make your attacker release you immediately. 
  • In life-threatening situations, brass knuckles can also help you disarm someone. You can knock a knife or gun out of someone’s hands if you hit their knuckles or wrist. But don’t try to tackle someone with a weapon if you’re not trained to punch with a knuckle duster.
  • The best thing to ensure you can use the knuckle buster as a weapon is to practice. You can efficiently train yourself or get someone to teach you how to punch correctly with a knuckle.

The Continued Use of Modern Real Brass Knuckles 

There are more than a few reasons knuckles are still bought and sold. Apart from self-defense, there are some less obvious ways you can utilize them as well.

  • The weight of the brass knuckle makes it ideal for two things; paperweight and meat pounder. You can keep one in the kitchen and one in your study and use each accordingly. 
  • The design of the knuckle often attracts people who have a bold sense of style. You can often see celebrities, designers, and rappers wearing knuckles as accessories.  Gold brass knuckles have been a part of rap culture for many years and continue to be.
  • Speaking of accessorizing, there are multiple ways of using the knuckle there as well. You can see people utilizing them as belt buckles and badges. 
  • The sturdy and chunkier knuckles are also used as hood ornaments for cars as decoration. You can also repurpose them for bikes and even skateboards.

Real Brass Knuckles For Sale In The United States

If you are wondering where to buy brass knuckles, you need not rack your brain too much. Despite the rise of other weapons, multiple sources sell excellent brass knuckles. You can find them in belt buckle stores where they are sold regularly. If you don’t have such a store near you, you can always try online stores. 

In order to buy brass knuckles that are high-quality and well-designed, your best bet is the internet. Various weapon dealers and wholesalers deal with tactical and decorative knuckles. The best source you will find of modern brass knuckles for sale is PA Knives. They are the leading wholesalers of knuckles with an awe-inspiring collection online. You can browse through their diverse pool to find precisely what you’re looking for. 

For the collector, the best option is the chromatic and enchanting Cardinal Revenge Titanium Buckle Knuckle. As a fighter, the Life or Death Splatter Knuckle will suit you more. And if you’re a fan of the design and want to accessorize, the Skull Wing Design Knuckle is the one. 

Whether you’re a knucklehead or a professional who uses them every day, PA Knives is the place to get them. You will find the best range of collectible and handy knuckles in one place, at your disposal at all times.