What are the challenges faced by online grocery delivery startups?

What are the challenges faced by online grocery delivery startups?

Grocery shopping is not something that people indulge in out of a sense of luxury or desire. It is an inevitable aspect of our livelihoods. Everyone needs groceries. However, in spite of such a large demand, it is only recently that online platforms dedicated to facilitating on-demand grocery shopping have come up.

While there is no denying the fact that going to a brick and mortar store to purchase things by sight is still comforting to a large section of the population, the growing migration of store shoppers to online shoppers is evidence of this being a successful business model. In fact, in a manner of speaking, online grocery shopping has caught on like wildfire, because it is not only just convenient, it is also addictive. Once customers get a taste of how easy it is to find what they are looking for and getting it delivered to their doorstep at a designated time, it is hard for them to go back to their old ways.

Grocery Delivery App Solution

In 2018 alone, online grocery shopping crossed the USD $ 17.5 billion marks just in the United States of America. This number helps in putting an estimate to the global potential of this industry with an expected growth to USD $ 30 billion by next year.

These are probably the biggest reasons why more and more entrepreneurs have taken the big dive with the digital grocery providing platforms. In terms of start ups, hundreds of companies have come in the recent past that cater to smaller local markets giving them higher profitability with lower logistic issues.

However, no business is easy to conquer. There are a few challenges that an entrepreneur with an online grocery delivery start up may face. Let us look at these problems and try to find their solutions alongside.

Building an app can be time consuming and expensive

Since the premise of this entire business lies in the fact that it depends on an app, there is no negotiating with the quality and functionality of the same. Most entrepreneurs complain that building an app that is so complex may be extremely time consuming and capital intensive. This makes their profitability suffer and market penetration time increases.

The easiest solution to this problem is to opt for a ready-made on-demand grocery delivery app built by a white label on demand mobile app development company that has experience in working with such apps. This will ensure that you get the app at a desirable price point and don’t have to wait for years in order to launch it because it can be done in less than a week’s time.

Finding the Right App

Now, while you may opt to buy a ready-made app, with so many developers across the world building their own versions of on demand grocery delivery app, it may get very difficult for you to choose the app that is most suitable for your business.

A quick solution to this issue is to make sure that you take a demo of the app before you buy it. Please note that a ready made app is completely in a ready condition and a reputed white label on-demand mobile app development company should have no problem in setting you up with a demo account before you purchase it. Download the demo app on multiple devices and test it out thoroughly so that you are completely aware of how the app works and whether it suits your business purposes.

Addition of Local Language and Currency

One of the major challenges that an on demand grocery delivery start up may face is the integration of local language and currency into the app. Basically, most of the ready made apps are built off shore and only include the standard currency of dollars and standard language of English in the apps. If the major chunk of population in your area doesn’t speak English and the currency in your region is not USD, then you may have a problem, which you will only realize post purchase of the app.

Ensure that you speak to the white label on demand mobile app development team before hand about local language and currency integration. In case you plan to launch this app in multiple regions, discuss the need for multiple languages and currencies which can be selected through the platform.

Scalability of On Demand Grocery Delivery App

We all like to hold on to our pockets and make sure that we get more bang for our buck. In order to save some money, entrepreneurs are often tempted to go for cheaper app alternatives which may seem lucrative at the time but aren’t scalable with respect to your business. This comes back to bite them and eventually entrepreneurs end up spending a fortune in their apps.

The best way to tackle this situation is to firstly opt for a native app that is built in a way that allows the entrepreneurs to scale their business without worrying about the app crashing, and next to obtain the source code from the white label on demand mobile app development company to make sure that any and all enhancements and updations can be made to the app from your end.

So, this was our list of the major challenged faced my online grocery delivery start ups and concurrent solutions that would help entrepreneurs to get by.