What are the causes of student poor performance and their remedies?

What are the causes of student poor performance and their remedies?
What are the causes of student poor performance and their remedies?

Statistics show that if students are not supervised properly can lead to poor performance. They include inabilities and factors that hold back the students from reaching their academic goals.

Mitigating the remedies for the causes of poor performance may call for the help of teachers, parents, and personal effort. The student should also seek help from the Internet. This is especially when working on a project, they should reach the research paper help sites online.

This combination can result in effective remedies to student’s poor performance. This article will focus on the causes of student’s poor performance and remedies. The causes of students’ poor performance including remedies are as follows;

1. Poor time management

A student’s study is guided by a timetable. Lack of a workable timetable leads to poor performance. Time table gives student direction and without it, the student is unable to manage time and end up doing nothing valuable.

Having a timetable that you do not strictly follow is as good as having none. Self-discipline is the pillar to managing your time by following the timetable.

Remedies to poor time management- Understanding that it is for your own good will enable you to respect the directives of the timetable which will lead to good performance. Draw a timetable and follow it strictly.

2. Domestic violence

This is a factor that affects the student immensely and leads to poor performance. It leads to depression and causes the incapacity to study effectively.

 A student who witnesses violence at home also tends to be violent at school and this may be a discipline issue. Such an issue may lead to sanctions.

Remedy- parents should avoid handling their differences violently in the presence of children. If a student shows signs of depression, they should take them for counseling.   

3. Financial constraint

This factor inhibits student’s performance in their studies as it impacts several other factors. When there is no money to buy texts books and study materials, the students rag behind in studies. They rarely do essay writing, book and movie reviews due to a lack of study materials for reference.

In this century, access to the Internet is vital for students. With financial constraints, they cannot afford computers, tablets, and phones for Internet access. This consequently leads to poor performance.

Remedy to financial constraint- the government and school management should ensure the study materials are available in school libraries for all students to access. This will enable all students to stand a chance to achieve good grades.

4. Discouragement and despair

Students who are discouraged are bound to perform poorly. Discouragement may be due to problems, situations, or statements said to the student. Doubt and discouragement lead to despair which is a great threat to academic progress.

Remedies- It is important for parents and teachers to have the back of the student. All stakeholders should constantly encourage students to keep trying. If the student is left alone to handle the studies, they get tired and may give up easily.

5. Teaching methods

These are different techniques used by teachers to promote learners towards a particular subject. Different teachers deploy different teaching techniques to train students. However, not all students are comfortable with such techniques. The technique may hold them back from performing.

Remedy- it is important for the teacher to understand the teaching method that favours every student. This will ensure that all students are in an advantageous position to perform well.

6. Poor peer relations

Peer relations are important in a student’s life. When a student has good peer relations, their mind if free and they have self-esteem. This helps to boost their study ability and improve academic performance.

On other hand, a student with poor peer relations rarely makes friends, is always in conflicts with others, is lonely, and this affects self-esteem. This in turn affects their emotions and results in poor performance.

Remedies- Students should ensure they have a good social relationship with others. They should make friends and cooperate to achieve their goals. The curriculum should include activities that enhance social relationships among students such as group works, debates, and games.

7. Learning environment

The learning environment can be a demotivating factor and cause poor student performance. A negative environment hinders learning ability, promotes bad peer relations which result in poor performance.

Remedy- the school management should ensure the school environment has a positive impact on the learner’s mind. It should be organized and give space for positive peer interaction.

The bottom line

The external and internal factors that cause student’s poor performance discussed in this article are important to note. If the remedies discussed above are put to practice the students’ performance will improve gradually. As described above, students, teachers, and parents are the main stakeholders in academic endeavors. They play major roles and form an environment favorable for good or poor academic performance.