BOPP Adhesive Packing Tape

BOPP Adhesive Packing Tape
BOPP Adhesive Packing Tape

BOPP is the short form of Biaxial Oriented Polypropylene. Polypropylene is a type of thermoplastic polymer. It is coated with water-based adhesive. One of its main features is it plies above a certain temperature & returns to its solid temperature after cooling off. This feature makes easier manual & automated applications.

These tapes are used in industries for shipping & inventory management. It has also other varieties of applications, such as food packaging & food label. BOPP is a pressure-sensitive tape, & also it is moisture resistant & non-toxic. So, if food products come in contact with it, or water & oil, there is no risk. It is also non-reactive for its olefinic nature that makes it suitable for pharmaceutical industries & food packaging industries. BOPP adhesive packing tape works as a box sealing tape, parcel tape, packing tape, etc.

Jagannath Polymers Pvt. Ltd., abbreviated as JPPL, is a leading manufacturer of BOPP tapes in India. It was formed in Jaipur, Rajasthan, 20 years ago & has a more than 100 satisfied customer base all over the world. The company is a leading supplier of two-layer, three layers of flexible laminates, monolayer & multi-layers of blown films, extrusion laminated products & various tapes. The company is a researcher, solution provider & technological hub of packaging in the nation. The activities of the firm include delivering world-class products through extensive research, product advice & making products from the scratch.

One of the targets of this company is to make innovative products that do not take a huge toll on the environment. The company is driven by values, it believes in professionalism in its work culture. 

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The company is awarded exporter of the year 2020, a small business award by Franchise India. It has also accumulated many certifications over the years, to name a few, certificate of incorporation, certificate of ISO 9001, ROHS certification, CE certification, MSME certification, Plex council certification, PMAR certification, JIA certification, etc.

BOPP Tapes Produced by JPPL

The BOPP tapes that are manufactured by the company are solid hold, water-based acrylic adhesive, and coated with emulsion pressure. The width & length of the tapes can be customized according to the demand of clients. The latest high-quality rotogravure technology of the company allows producing BOPP tapes up to 70 microns thick with 8 printable colors.

Let’s have a glance at the features of BOPP tapes produced by the company.

1. Adhesive with high performance

2. Excellent quality with high clarity

3. The thickness of the tapes doesn’t vary

4. The coating is stable for every tape

5. Glossy

6. The Dimensions are stable

7. Excellent flatness in nature

8. Customization offered by the company

9. More than 8 colors are available

Usage of BOPP Tapes

Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene or BOPP tapes are made by a thermoplastic polymer which has several beneficial features that is why the shipping industries use these widely.

Now, suppose, you want a product to be shipped at your residence, upon opening you find it broken & cracked. The product may be an expensive one for which you can incur a huge loss. BOPP tapes come in for the rescue to save you from such incidents for having seamless & secured packages & boxes. There are varieties of names BOPP tapes are recognized from, such as Brown tapes, box packing tapes, clear BOPP tapes, general tapes & carton packing tapes.

Features of BOPP Tapes

One of the best-selling tapes that are used for the shipping industry is BOPP tapes. We will discuss the features & properties of BOPP tapes in the segment.

  • Environment friendly
  •  Non-toxic in nature
  • High in gloss
  • Doesn’t wrinkle or shrink
  • Good dimensional stability
  • Recyclable
  • Easy to use
  • High clarity
  • Extreme flatness
  • Customizable according to the need
  • Resistant to temperature
  • Durable
  • Availability of Branding

BOPP Tapes Varieties

There are three varieties of BOPP tapes that are widely used & common in nature.

  • Transparent BOPP tapes: These transparent tapes are the most common ones, available & are widely used by the shipping industries. These kinds of tapes are usually used when the material inside the package needs visibility, and it becomes even easier to handle the products when they are visible.
  • Colored BOPP tapes: colored tapes are usually used for identifying particular kinds of products. In this way, it becomes easier to find out which one is fragile. The most common colored tape is the brown one, other than that a wide range of colors is offered by JPPL, such as black, orange, white, purple, pink, red, blue, yellow.
  • Customized BOPP tapes: many companies prefer to use customized BOPP tapes with their names written on them. Many eCommerce companies prefer printing BOPP tapes with short messages, such as, handle with care or fragile items along with their brand names. Such tapes are useful for brand awareness.

JPPL is the pioneer in the field of BOPP tape manufacturing. The company has been serving for years now to cater to the needs of its customers. Their tapes with various features have satisfied customers around the world.