A Complete Guide To Rebonding Hair Treatment

A Complete Guide To Rebonding Hair Treatment

Do you want to show off your straight, smooth, and sleek hair? You can get long-lasting results from rebonding hair treatment. The majority of us strive for smooth, straight manes not just to mimic the newest trends, but also because they are simpler to maintain and style. But, you ought to be aware of the process and any other details before leaving for a session.

What is rebonding hair treatment:

Rebonding hair treatment is a procedure that changes the natural texture of your hair and offers you sleek, straighter hairstyles. Also called chemical straightening, any skilled hair stylist in your nearby salon can generally rebound hair. The method consists of several processes that break down the natural links found in the hair follicles and then rebuild them to give them a new shape and feel. Your hair’s appearance is impacted by this.

Other similar hair treatments:

There are two more hair treatments that makes your hair straight.  They all offer similar results having similar advantages and disadvantages.

The three options can best be understood by describing them as follows:

 Hair straightening:

 With a flat iron or blow-dryer, you can instantly flatten your hair until your next hair wash.

Hair relaxers:

 Hair relaxers work by chemically weakening the connections that give your hair its personality and texture while permanently straightening the hair strands they are implemented to. After the chemical reaction has stopped, neutralizers are used to condition the hair and style it.

Hair rebonding:

Hair rebonding combines both procedures to produce a final product that is heat-sealed, sleeker, and softer. To achieve the longest-lasting, smoothest, shiniest, and straightest hair possible, a Keratin Treatment is applied instead of heating the hair to straighten it.

The best outcomes and longest-lasting effects can be obtained by combining all three techniques. Whether you combine the two treatments or spread them out, your hair will look healthier than it did before.

Process of rebonding hair treatment:

The hair rebonding procedure could take the entire day. According to the thickness and length of the hair, the hair rebonding procedure might take anywhere from 3 to 10+ hours. There are several steps, each of which is important and takes about 30 minutes. 


  1. The first step is washing the hair with a gentle cleaner; conditioning is not included.
  1. Dry-blow drying is a standard hair care technique, but your hairdresser might let your hair air dry instead.
  1. After drying your hair, the hairdresser will divide it into manageable pieces based on the thickness and natural structure of your hair like a hair color process.
  1. After applying the chemical “relaxant” to the hair, it is straightened with thin plastic boards. Each hair strand should receive an even coating of chemicals by way of application.
  1. Depending on your hair type’s needs, the relaxant can be applied and left on for thirty to forty-five minutes.
  1. According to your hair texture, the steaming time will be between 10 and 40 minutes.
  1. Your hair will be shampooed and dried by your stylist.
  1. Once your stylist applies the keratin cream to your hair, your stylist will use a ceramic flat iron to straighten it. The temperature of the flat iron is 180 degrees Celsius.
  1. Your stylist will apply a neutralizer to improve the connections in the hair and let it sit for 30 minutes.
  1. The neutralizer will be removed by running cold water when the timer stops. Your hair’s cuticle is able to close due to the warmth of the water.
  1. Following this, your hair will be blow-dried once more, hair serum will be applied, and one final time with the flat iron will be used to style it.

Home Care After Rebonding Hair Treatment

The best way to learn more about your hair’s aftercare after rebonding is to speak with your hairdresser before the procedure is carried out. If you can describe to them how you typically take care of your hair, they might be able to explain the differences in a way that is easier for you to understand.

  • Use a deep conditioning protein treatment as soon as you can following the hair rebonding procedure to keep your hair silky, smooth, and shining.
  • To maintain the integrity and health of your hair, become familiar with the usage of hot oils and hair serums.
  • To maintain your hair rebonding appearance, schedule your next treatment appointment every four to six months.
  • To seal your hair’s cuticles, use cold water to finish your rinse.
  • Use a wide-tooth comb to detangle to relieve strain on your hair.
  • Wait at least 72 hours after the hair rebonding therapy before shampooing your hair. Not even a drop of water.
  • For the first 72 hours after the hair rebonding procedure, avoid dripping with sweat.
  • Make use of the products your hairdresser has recommended. They are mild and designed for chemically treated hair.
  • Ensure that your rebounded hair receives deep conditioning at least once a week.
  • Use a gentle shampoo and conditioner after being wet in the rain to ensure that all contaminants are removed.

Rebonding hair treatment: pros and cons

  • Do not twist or bend your hair once your hair has undergone rebonding treatment. Never use clips or claws to cut it, and never wear it in a ponytail.
  • Don’t use heated instruments for style. Even better, avoid using the blow dryer.
  • After getting a hair rebonding treatment, wait at least two months before coloring or highlighting your hair.
  • Use just conditioner till the second week.

How Durable Is Rebonding hair treatment?

The hair that was treated and made straight after rebonding hair treatment will never revert to its natural texture. Up until the point where new roots appear and demand additional treatment, your hair will be smooth, glossy, and straight from the root.

Your hair’s health is your top priority when getting the rebonding hair treatment. Split ends must be removed right away to avoid harming your hair, which is currently frizz-free. A touch-up is intended to straighten newly sprouted hair from your scalp that is still in its virgin stage.