Hand massage can be beneficial for anyone but it is very special and required for office workers and manual laborer’s. In this digital age, we spend most of the day hours clicking buttons on the keyboard of computers, tapping screens on our smartphones and it is not any wonder we feel like our fingers and hands a bit stiffy. Repeating these taping actions are harmful to our hands over time.

Hand massage comes handy in these scenarios which help loosen up the muscles in your hands, fingers and keeping them healthy so that your work efficiency doesn’t get affected due to it or make you stay connected with your friends or family online by texting, typing, and tweeting about your daily life, maintaining a healthy social life.

In general, massages carry tons of health benefits with them, and mostly when it is carried out by keeping a specific body part in mind as your hands. Everyone can enjoy the benefits of a good massage, but the hand massages are specifically beneficial for office going individuals who spend multiple hours straight on their computer typing content or doing repetitive tasks.

On the other hand, manual labor is someone who can also benefit from hand massage as their work includes the usage of hand a lot causing multiple muscle stiffness, soreness, twists, and injuries.

Let’s just take you through 7 amazing benefits of Hand Massage:

1. Pain:

If you are someone suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome or have a history of injuries like a sprain or break, massage can help in making that pain of your injury go away. The reason is, massage reduces scar tissues and adhesion, loosens up tight muscles. It also helps in increasing the range of motion of your fingers or hands which was stiff due to an injury or surgery.

2. Joints and Circulation:

Getting your hand massages helps in improved blood flow in your muscles with a new oxygen-rich flow, helping you in stiff and sore joints, tendons, ligaments, and other connective tissues. With the age taking a toll over you, your hands become prone to arthritis and it is essential to keep up with a good hand massage, easing up all your pain and stiffness which you have been feeling from the past few times associated with it. There’s one more circulatory condition people suffer from called Raynaud’s phenomenon, a condition in which your blood vessels contracts dangerously causing very low blood flow in your fingers and toes. This case requires hand massage on a serious regular level to avoid any such attacks and having an electric hand massager at home is essential. A person with a previous history of injury, sprain, or surgery have to make sure that their blood flow is optimum and not falling to critically low levels, massage can help here in this case.

3. Headache:

You must be wondering how massaging your hands will help you with the headache? Well, our hands have reflexology points where each point corresponds to a different spot in your head. When the pressure is applied to these points it provides relief in your headache.

4. Trigger Finger:

This is witnessed when your fingers restrict themselves or get restricted with a limited range of motion due to a tendon issue. In this, extending or retracting your fingers often ends up in catch or lock up. The trigger finger can be helped by a daily hand massage.

5. Sleeplessness:

Hand massage helps make you more relaxed and achieve a deeper and sound sleep at night. This can be achieved by just having a shorter, but accurate point-massage of hands, providing you with a sense of relaxation benefits, and having goodnight sleep.

6. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome:

The repetitive motion of our fingers or hands during the work hours on the computer, tablet, laptop, or smartphone making more and more people suffer from carpal down syndrome. Although the range differs, the mild ones can be helped with a regular hand massage and keeping the pain away. In the case of high range, surgical corrections are often required.

7. Arthritis:

People still consider massaging a fancy thing for which they think they have to visit the parlor and they often hesitate about it. However, people suffering from pain in the hands, especially which is associated with arthritis, use electric hand massager at home only which helps them in anxiety, reduces the pain, and improving the strength. Research shows that doing hand massage at home has improved the reduced pain rate by 61 percent compared to going to an expert weekly.

Few other benefits:

Apart from the much-known pain relief benefits experienced by people all over the world, doing a regular hand massage have other psychological benefits as well such as reduced depression levels, anxiety. Who knew that just sitting around lazily and making these massage tools or an expert do the work on you will make ourselves so healthy and happy.