5 Interesting Facts About Delta 8 THC

Delta-8 THC Facts

After all the years of stigma regarding cannabis products, delta-8-THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), one of the over hundred Cannabis extracts, is now gaining its due popularity. A hemp-derived extract and one that can get you high, delta-8-THC has multiple uses and most of those are beneficial.

Available as Delta 8 THC oil 5000 mg and in other forms, it is certainly an interesting thing today. Here are some facts that you might not know about it:

It Gets You High

Like most other Cannabis extracts, delta-8-THC also gets you euphoric. Unlike its counterpart, delta-9-THC — also commonly known as THC, — it isn’t as intoxicating and the euphoria (high) is only a mild one. Essentially, this is a result of the difference in position of a double bond in the isomers delta-8- and delta-9-THC. The difference in the position of the double bond in these two Cannabis extracts is what defines their strength, and as a result of the same, delta-8-THC becomes less intoxicating than THC since its relative potency becomes only two-thirds of that of the latter. Other than that, it also doesn’t leave you with laziness and mental fogginess, which are common effects of THC. As a consequence, delta-8-THC is perhaps rightly promoted as the better part of Cannabis extracts.

It Isn’t Really a New Product

However rare — most buds of the Cannabis plant produce less than even 0.1% of delta-8 THC among all the extracts — it is not a new product. Although not naturally occurring — it is for the manufacturers to use advanced technology for the proper extraction of delta-8-THC, — it has been in use for at least five decades now. As it is, most Cannabis extracts have been used for ages to relieve oneself from stress and anxiety.

Similarly, since delta-8-THC shows — mildly — all the characteristics common also to most of the cannabinoids known to leave euphoric aftereffects, it can lead to mild euphoria and cause feelings of happiness and other uplifting feelings to occur.

It Has Numerous Medical Benefits

In this messed up, too stressed world, delta-8-THC is now commonly advertised for its positive effects regarding your health — for stimulating appetite, reducing nausea and vomiting, and promoting relaxation and easing pain. All of this essentially depends on the endocannabinoid system (ECS) present in your body, which helps send signals, in response to interactions with both delta-8- and delta-9-THC, to different parts through a variety of receptors.

However, since the ECS processes delta-8-THC somewhat differently than it does THC — it binds to G-protein in the central nervous system, giving you a lesser effect than its double bond isomer, — this extract has a profound impact on our bodily metabolism. Due to this, while one’s appetite increases on its regular consumption, weight loss is also promoted.

What’s more? A study has shown that delta-8 THC is among the few effective antiemetic agents helpful to patients undergoing the procedure of chemotherapy and looking at its physical and chemical properties, this hemp extract also seems to be quite fit as a solution for cancer. Its direct use for the treatment, however, is yet to be approved.

The Strains of Delta-8-THC and the Use of Terpenes

The three strains of delta-8-THC — Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid — make use of a good number of terpenes, over a hundred of which are produced by the hemp plant. Terpenes — 20,000 of which generally exist, and also in other plants, — are the aromatic compounds present in the hemp plant as well, its types being Limonene, Myrcene, Linalool, Alpha-Bisabolol, and Eucalyptol, among the numerous others.

Terpenes give the strains of delta-8-THC different scents and different flavors, and they make use of these, among other substances, to produce their effects, such as:

  • The Indica strain is known to give you the high.
  • The Sativa strain is known to provide energy.
  • The Hybrid strain, simply, is a combination of both Sativa and Indica.

It’s normal, however, if you prefer a specific strain more than the others.

It Cures Hangover

THC, or Delta-9-THC, is the most psychoactive of the Cannabis extracts. Delta-8-THC, however, known for producing a mild high contains fewer atomic bonds in its chemical structure and, so, is a lighter form of the former. Charlie Thompson, the Chief Editor at Divine Hemps, says that because of its effects on calming the nerves, and through relaxation and appetite stimulation, delta-8-THC has now become a promising cure for your intense hangover, and may help you overcome it and also improve your mood. Accordingly, it can help one get rid of addiction by serving as a bridge to acclimating their ECS to other cannabinoids instead.

Moreover, being derived mostly from hemp plants, it is legal in quite a few countries around the world.


Owing to a history of stigma and because of a lack of research, the conversations about cannabinoids are, more often than not, quite garbled and messy. However, even with the limited understanding of delta-8-THC, this compound doesn’t seem to have any cons — or any improper results, for that matter — only pros so far. The game is moderation; delta-8-THC does all that delta-9-THC, the more popular of the two tetrahydrocannabinol isomers, does. Only in a more quiet, calm manner.

As a result of its mild effects, the users end up feeling everything THC but not the downsides. With this, among the other more rational of its effects, such as anti-addiction and anti-anxiety, delta-8-THC, available as Delta 8 gummies 500 mg and in other forms, has gradually been replacing delta-9-THC from the market with considerable success. This is the case today even though the latter — THC — is the most abundantly found compound in the Cannabis extracts.

So, if you wish to use it, the doctor’s discretion is very strictly recommended at all times. The Doctor will examine you first by asking the history of your health and medications you are currently using. Then he will let you know if you can use it or not.