10 Best Brands for Men Boxer Shorts in India

10 Best Brands for Men Boxer Shorts in India
10 Best Brands for Men Boxer Shorts in India

The last year has been a tough year for everyone in India and the World. However, the situation continues to take a toll on our physical as well as mental health. The lockdowns have played havoc in everybody’s lives in several ways. In a time and scenario, where each one of us is battling various issues, it is crucial to look after our lifestyle which starts from healthy habits like clothing in comfortable clothes.

Boxers for men are a part of their wardrobe essentials and fall under the category of undergarments. The boxers are loose in fitting and provide a lot of breathable space to the person who is wearing it. One must wonder, that these looks exactly like shorts then why are they called boxers? It dates back to the year 1944 when boxers used to wear shorts and practice the sport. Since then, such shorts have been given the name of boxer shorts for men, that are too comfortable and easy-going on the body of a person.

Every outfit has its essence and significance. Boxer players wore these shorts to make sure that there is no hindrance on the leg movement while the match is on. The history of this outfit is quite rich. Around the 1920s, Military Officials and older men in the United States preferred wearing these due to the unrestrictive quality of boxers. You can easily move around, carry out everyday chores without feeling any tightness in the body.

In India, many online brands sell high-quality boxers while keeping intact all the criteria that one needs in their undergarment outfits. Find boxers for men with new prints, designs, and patterns of all kinds and make that little space in your wardrobes for keeping your favourites.

Now let’s take you through the brands with the best boxer collection in India as listed below:

  1. Joven: This brand has a collection of checked, printed and plain boxers. It is available on Bewakoof, so don’t wait. Get your deals sealed today.
  • XYXX: If you are looking for cotton men’s boxers then here is your pick for the season. The perk is you will get quite some options in pajamas as well. So, why not purchase both together? 
  • What’s Down: Are you a fan of coding and want your outfits with coded designs? Then get your hands laid on the boxers by this brand. The material of the products is soft in touch giving it an extremely cheeky look.
  •  Smugglerz: No, do not go by its name blindly.This brand has expertise in creating boxers that are stunning in looks. The products are highly absorbent to protect you in any sweaty situation.
  • The Briefs Story: With a perfect fit, that is not too tight and not too loose, this brand will let you weave your very own experience in the most comfortable boxers ever.
  • Status Quo: This brand has a shorts collection along with pajamas. For a cozy day at your home, there is nothing better than a pair of comfy boxers and an oversized tee.
  • Jack & Jones: One of the bestseller brands when it comes to men’s clothing with some of the most eye-catchy prints and designs.
  • Tailor & Circus: It is available online on several shopping websites in India. With a wide range of variety in boxers for men, they also have packs of 2 and 3 for those who want to keep a collection ready for a comfortable stay.
  • Chromozome: Looking for pocket-friendly boxers for regular wear? Then here is your pick.
  • Jockey: In our country, this brand has come to the top-most position by providing a world-class range in every product. Be it for men or women. You can get the best designs of boxers both offline and online for men.

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