Zomato describes 2020 as the lemon seeds in poha, Twitterati says more like elaichi in biryani

Zomato describes 2020 as the lemon seeds in poha

Zomato recently compared the year 2020 to lemon seeds in Poha. Twitterati came up with the best response.

2020 has been a hard year till now. Due to the novel coronavirus outbreak, almost the entire world has gone under lockdown, and economies have crashed. People have not been a fan of what has been happening until now.

However, Zomato has found the perfect way to describe the year and it involves a food analogy. The official Twitter account of Zomato that is known for its spontaneous wit and relatable tweets recently posted, “Life is Poha, 2020 is nimbu seeds.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

All the food lovers instantly related to the tweet and it went viral. Twitterati let their creativity flow as well and soon the thread was flooded with people coming up with similar food analogies in an attempt to describe 2020.

And believe us when we say this, these are extremely relatable. Our favorite was the biryani and elaichi meme.