Why Samsung is the Most Desired Brand of smart TVs in the World?

Why Samsung is the Most Desired Brand of smart TVs in the World
Why Samsung is the Most Desired Brand of smart TVs in the World

Samsung has been flooding the market with not only reliable smartphones but smart televisions that are unmatched in quality.  With a market share of over 20%, Samsung leads from the front and has been the world’s largest manufacturer of TVs since 2006.

The first corporation to introduce a full HD LED technology TV in 2010, it made headlines for its launch at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, USA. At that time, its 32-inch TV was the average size TV any consumer wanted.

Samsung also accounts for nearly fifty percent of almost all 75-inch television sales globally. The brand’s technology in terms of LCD displays and the recent QLED TV is the most talked-about lately.

This technology makes use of quantum dots in order to enhance colors. Enabling the viewer to see minute details in very bright or extremely dark images.

A Popular Brand

With an ever-increasing demand for large screens on smart TVs, in India as well as abroad. Samsung has strengthened its portfolio of QLED televisions. Adding features like HDR 2000 thereby optimizing the content of higher resolutions for screens larger than 60 inches. Gone are the days when Japanese brands like Panasonic and Sony held sway over the TV marketplace.

In the USA and in India, Samsung has gained the number one position as the TV of choice for consumers in all income groups. If you’re still harboring the view of “Sony or nothing”, maybe it’s time to set your sights on Samsung, especially if you want to grab the very best Samsung 32 inch smart TV.

In terms of value for money, performance, and durability, Samsung has stood the test of time, and that’s why consumers demand the latest models from the brand.

Why is Samsung Famous?

For the last few years, Samsung has owned the primary market position. Across the board, consumers seem to love its thin, sleek smart TVs. Samsung TVs, be it a 32 inch TV or a 55-inch model, are typically superbly designed models with an array of hi-tech features, combined with an impressive build quality.

In the 2020 Fortune 500 magazine, Samsung was rated as the second most valued electronics company (second only to Apple). This is because Samsung not only makes great TVs, but the focus of the brand has been accessibility. The brand also boasts a reputation of prompt and reliable after-sales service that other TV brands don’t seem to quite live up to.

Excellent Specs

Like the brand’s advanced smartwatches, its smart TVs run on an operating system interface that is powered by Tizen. It’s called Eden 2.0. Tizen positions apps at the bottom of the TV in a row, on the home screen.

All the well-known streaming apps are included in an app library (2,000+ apps), along with an impressive feature that gets activated once you select an app. This shows you sub-categories that are popular (such as Netflix shows, or playlists from Spotify) concerning that particular app.

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Possibly the most impressive, and this blows consumers away, is how Tizen operates with the Samsung app library. Samsung’s signature apps like Smart Connect and Smart View let you mirror content from your phone (even if it’s an iPhone) onto your TV. Alternatively, TV playback can be sent directly to your phone.

Newer Samsung smart TVs offer neat features like importing app logins that are on your phone, saving you time. Samsung’s QLED displays have struck a balance between cost and technology. This proves to be less expensive than OLED displays (like the ones used by LG and other brands).

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