Watch: Tiger wanders the streets of city, man uses lasso to capture it

tiger wanders the streets

In the video, President Trump’s head is superimposed on to the body of actor Bill Pullman, who essays the role of President Thomas J Whitmore in the movie.

A video showing three men trying to capture a tiger with a lasso in a Mexican suburb is going viral on the internet.

The bizarre encounter, filmed by a passenger in a car, shows three men chasing the big cat while it roams around the streets.

The 23-second video shows one of the men carrying a foldable chair as a shield, while another wearing a cowboy hat tries to capture the tiger with a lasso.

The video shows a car pulling in front of the tiger, who was aimlessly walking in the Mexican city of Guadalajara, and forced it to turn the other way.

The man with the lasso quickly manages to throw it around the tiger’s neck. According to a Guardian report, the animal had escaped from a private home in the Guadalajara suburb of Tlaquepaque.

Watch the video here:

The video soon went viral and many who came across the footage compared the bizarre encounter with a scene from a  Hollywood film. Many also came up with comparisons to the Netflix series Tiger King.