Things To Do At Spiti Valley Tour

Lahaul and Spiti trip

About Lahaul and Spiti

The northeastern region of Himachal Pradesh is known as the Lahaul and Spiti region. Before 1960 they were a separated region, but after it, they combined and called Lahaul Spiti. If we go by the geographical terms, they are valleys,i.e., Lahaul Valley and Spiti Valley. The Lahaul Valley is near to the Manali and Spiti Valley is near to Shimla which is the capital city of Himachal Pradesh. So there are two ways to enter Spiti Valley one is from Manali via Kunzum Pass, and one is from Shimla via Reckong Peo. The Reckong Peo is the nearest area to Spiti.

Some Insights About Spiti Valley

The Spiti Valley is barren, and the valley floor altitude is 14,010 feet above sea level. It is the least populated area in Himachal as well as in India. The figure says that in this area population density is two persons per square kilometre. The interesting fact is that here literacy rate is 76.81% which shows the dedication towards education and learning. The main occupation here is farming and animal husbandry. Most of the people contain the cattle of yaks and herds of sheep which provide wool, milk and meat to them. During the harsh winters, the area remains isolated from the world. In the winters you can only travel up to Kaza which is the sub-divisional headquarter for the area.

The name of Spiti is derived from the Tibetan language. Meaning of this name is – “Middle Land” that is true in geographical terms also. Spiti is in the middle of China occupied Tibet and India.

The Religion

As same as the Ladakh here, significant religion is Buddhism which is influenced by Tibetan Buddhism as it is nearer to Tibet than any other area of India. The people of Lahaul valley side follow Drukpa Kagyu, which is the combination of Hinduism and Tibetan Buddhism. On the other hand, people of Spiti Valley follow Tibetan Buddhism and Gelugpa sect. Due to this, there are several monasteries where some of the monasteries like Ki- Gompa are listed as world heritage sites. Other well-known monasteries are Dhankar Monastery, Nako Monastery, Tabo Monastery among all monasteries.

Top Things to do at Spiti

● River Rafting

It is one of the topmost activities to do at Spiti Valley. The river rafting activity takes place in Spiti and Pin River. The water current remains suitable for rafting. Generally, the river rafting activity takes place in the summer season as the river flow remains adequate.

● Pin Valley National Park

The Pin Valley National Park is located at the altitude of 3500 metres above sea level. It is the habitat and conservative area for rare species like snow leopard, Siberian ibex, Himalayan snow cocks and many more. To visit this incredible Himalayan national park right amount of time is required.

● Chandratal Camping

It is one of the high altitude lakes at the elevation of 4,300 metres in Lahaul Valley. It is the serene lake surrounded by the high peaks of Pir Panjal Himalayan range. The colour of the lake changes according to the sunlight, which casts a spell on the visitor or trekker. It will be the most delightful experience to have camping at Chandratal lakeside.

● Dhankar Lake Trekking

There is another fantastic lake located in this region which is called Dhankar Lake. It is the combination of adventure, thrill and peace. Dhankar is famous for two reasons one is for the monastery and for the lake which is located at the altitude of 4,270 metres. The trek route to Dhankar Lake is a little bit tricky, but you will enjoy the most views after reaching there.

● Star Gazing at Spiti

At an altitude equal to 15000 metres, the sky looks very near to the earth. During the night zillions of stars will welcome you, and you can enjoy the breathtaking views of the whole galaxy.

● Yak Riding

At such altitude, Yak is the animal which can survive comfortably and also it is the local animal to that area which is used for milk, meat and fur. It is also used as the transportation medium because at such altitude some places are inaccessible by vehicles than their yaks carry the weight of luggage or goods to move from here to there.

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