Singing – The Ultimate Joy and Health Benefits


Did you know that your passion for singing can lead to incredible benefits in your physical, emotional, and social health? Yes, that cannot be truer!

Physical Benefits of Singing include strengthening the immune system. For the elderly, disabled, and injured, singing can be an excellent form of exercise. Even if you’re healthy, your lungs will get a workout as you employ proper singing techniques and vocal projections. Other related health benefits of singing include a stronger diaphragm and stimulated overall circulation. Since you pull in a greater amount of oxygen while singing than when doing many other types of exercise, some even believe that singing can increase your aerobic capacity and stamina. The effects of singing and the chanting of specific vowel and nasal sounds which obviously happen during singing help you getting a sound sleep.

Apart from the physical benefits, singing also has psychological and emotional benefits. It is a natural anti-depressant. Singing is known to release endorphins, the feel-good brain chemical that makes you feel uplifted and happy. Singing can simply take your mind off the day’s troubles and boost your mood. Singing does lower stress levels. Making music in any form is relaxing. Singing releases stored muscle tension and decrease the levels of a stress hormone called cortisol in your bloodstream. The exercises employed in singing go on to improve your mental alertness. It’s a fact!

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Apart from physical and psychological benefits, singing also has Social Benefits. Singing can widen your circle of friends. Whether you’re in a choir or simply enjoy singing karaoke with your friends, one of the unexpected health benefits of singing is that it can improve your social life. The bonds you form singing with others can be profound since there’s a level of intimacy naturally involved. Stage fright is a common feeling for new singers. However, performing well and receiving praise from your friends and family may be the key to eventually overcoming your fears and boosting your self-confidence. With time, you may even find it easier to present any type of material in front of a group with poise and good presentation skills. Singing also broadens your communication skills in unprecedented ways.

Singing increases your ability to appreciate other singers. Sometimes, you don’t realize how difficult something is until you try it yourself. As you grow from an amateur to an intermediate student and beyond, you’ll be looking to the masters for inspiration. You might even find a new style of music to appreciate that you wouldn’t normally listen to!

It is all in the voice and there are ways and methods to improve your singing voiceAll you need is the desire and the determination to do so and to find the right kind of voice teacher who works with you dedicatedly to hone your skills and give you worthy tips to improve your practice and your craft. Regular practice and a prolonged desire to sustain the ups and downs of an improving voice can definitely take you through.

Speaking about voice instructor reminds me of Sudhanshu Sharma, an internationally acclaimed Musician and Teacher who hold his Music retreats all around the world and has fans and students in every part of the world. His dedication and honesty towards preserving and propagating the art of Indian Classical and Indian Spiritual music is praiseworthy and can be clearly seen through his shining students.

The delights of singing go beyond merely enjoying the beauty of your own vocal talent. It is a path and a journey to be enjoyed and to savour the bliss which pours out unlimited. In every sense, it is definitely worth a try!