Saloni Gaur on e-MindRocks: Political parties do not object to my videos. Unke trolls bolte hain

Saloni Gaur on e-MindRocks
Saloni Gaur on e-MindRocks

Comedian Saloni Gaur attended a session on India Today e-MindRocks on May 23 and spoke about several subjects including life in lockdown as well as her videos.

YouTube video creator Ashish Chanchlani and comedian Saloni Gaur addressed the audience during a session on India Today e-MindRocks on May 23. Best known for his YouTube channel Ashish Chanchlani Vines, Ashish spoke on several subjects including his videos, the YouTube verses TikTok war as well as video monetisation on Youtube.

Saloni Gaur, popular as Nazma Aapi on social media, has over one lakh followers on Twitter and is renowned for her satirical videos. During the session, Saloni shared her journey of introducing Nazma Aapi’s character on social media and spoke about life in lockdown.

Excerpts from their conversation

Ashish Chanchlani

On garnering over 18 million followers on YouTube

It feels great. Honestly, it all seems like a dream.

Life in lockdown

Life has come to a standstill during the novel coronavirus lockdown. I would advise people to take care of themselves. Do not step out of your home. You can be a superhero amid the lockdown by just staying at home.

Parents’ reaction to videos

I am in my character most of the times even before and after shooting my videos. Mom and dad laugh hilariously at my videos. They enjoy a lot. It is a lot of fun for them.

On YouTube vs TikTok

It started from this one YouTuber who roasted a TikToker. He wasn’t the first one to do so. Many people roasted TikTokers earlier as well. Certain videos on TikTok are weird. One guy comes and replies to us. That is how it started. The moment this guy came and replied to us, it started. It blew way out of proportion. I don’t take it now as a war now also. It started off as all fun. Now, it has gone controversial. I am just waiting for everything to come down.

Your take on TikTok

There is a huge difference between YouTube and TikTok. I am on TikTok myself and if I diss the platform, I’ll be the biggest hypocrite. YouTube is home. It is bigger and gives much more exposure. Monetisation is well. YouTube has that edge to it that nobody can beat.

How did you start?

I always wanted to become an actor. My dad used to own a single screen theatre. I have grown up watching Bollywood movies. I never wanted to become a hero but an actor. By the time, I completed my studies, dad said that this is not practical. I pursued engineering and had given up on my dream. During college, I felt suffocated. I realised that I was in the wrong profession. That was the time I thought of trying this out.

So, I joined the Vine app at first. Not as a career. To have fun. I used to randomly post those videos on Instagram. Many people tagged their friends. That’s how my journey started. Fun turned out to be a big career.

On Saloni Gaur

Many of Saloni’s videos pop up on my feed and I have a blast watching them. India has very less female content creators. Saloni has gone viral because of her content. She is flawless. One of my favourites.

On video monetisation

When I started YouTube, it was different. Yes, absolutely. I earn money from sponsorship. Sponsorship and monetisation together give you a good income.

Love during lockdown

Meri zindagi mein love filhal nahi hai. My love during lockdown is food. I am grateful that I have food to eat now. That is love for me.

Saloni Gaur

How is lockdown treating you?

It’s going great. I stay in a hostel and had come home but I have been here since the past two months. It’s nice at home. I am eating food cooked at home instead of the hostel food.

You mostly make videos on news events. Aren’t you scared of political parties?

When I write the script, I don’t feel scared. I am conscious of the script while writing it. Woh kuch nahi bolte hain. Unke jo yeh trolls aur keyboard warriors hote hain, woh bolte hain. Who unko pata hai ki unki koi life hai nahi. When I did a video on Sonia Gandhi and a journalist, all the trolls came behind me. Congress waale bhi. Arre yeh kya bol rahi hai and all. But then I muted the notifications on twitter and sa vanish ho gaye.

On video monetisation

Mujhe koi idea nahi hai yeh YouTube kaisa thaa. After my videos went viral, I started a YouTube channel. People used to post my videos. So, I thought let me put it myself. I didn’t have any idea of monetisaton but my mom was excited. My mom knew ki paisa YouTube se aata hai. Phir ekdin finally sab ho gaya.


On creating Nazma Aapi

Kaafi randomly hua thaa. I started with a character called Pinky Dogra during college, who used to rant about anything and everything. It was in 2018 during Eid that I thought ki zyaada better tab lagta if I would play a Muslim woman. Now people have accepted it.

On YouTube vs TikTok

Hum toh YouTube vs TikTok mein creativity ke side pe hai. We are influencers. People watch us so we should take note of what we are speaking.

Advice to content creators

I just started so I do not want to give advice. If you know your content is different from others, people will notice at some point. Kabhi na kabhi toh you will gain success if you know your content is different. I never gave up

Love during lockdown

I live in a hostel and since I am at home now, I am getting to eat food made by my mom. Food is also loved for me during lockdown.

Source: IndiaToday