Quantitative Surveying Research In Perth

Quantitative Surveying Research In Perth

Numerical understanding

When there is a need for numerical information, quantitative research is carried out. This is a type of research that answers questions such as ‘what percentage of the target group is satisfied?’, ‘How many people are interested in?’ etc.

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A sample should be large enough to provide reliable data. The smaller the sample, the greater the influence of one respondent on the relationship between the answers to a question. A realistic sample depends on factors such as the size of the population, the chosen method, and the available budget and time. For information about good sample size, please refer to the sample calculator.

Quotation for quantitative research

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Characteristic: a structured questionnaire

A quantitative survey is characterized by a structured questionnaire, with mainly closed questions. In principle, all respondents in the target group are asked the same questions to be able to quantify the results. Of course, it can be ensured that, depending on the background characteristics or answers to certain questions, subgroups skip questions.


There are many different methods of conducting a quantitative study. Which method is most suitable depends on various factors, such as available data of the target group, the research question, the budget and the time available. It is also possible to choose to use a combination of methods.

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Characteristics of quantitative research

Quantitative research is recognizable because of the following characteristics:

  • The question often focused on facts.
  • Application when results need to be representative, accurate, and reliable.
  • Questionnaires generally have a fixed structure, as do the answer options.
  • Display of results often in tables, graphs, and percentages (objective statistics).
  • Measurements based on large samples, at least 60 respondents to make a statement about a group (measuring).

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