How To Plan For A Running Order For A Choir Performance

How To Plan For A Running Order For A Choir Performance

There is a lot to think about when planning choirs near me in California. If your choir has a single work to perform, the running order may take care of itself. However, if your choir will be performing likely individual songs then you will need to think about the order in which the songs will be performed. Here are a few tips for planning your running order.

Make sure you balance

Planning a concert in California is about getting the balance for yourself, singers and audience. List all the music you have noting the ones you are upbeat, slower, softer, and which are show stoppers. You should then divide the performance into two acts and ensure that the beginning and the end are strong numbers. This will help you grab the attention of the audience and leave them wanting to listen for more at the interval and end of the choir concerts.

Entrance and exits

You must consider the number of times your choir will be going on and off stage. Getting out of the stage and coming back can give your singers a break. It can take a few minutes to get a full choir into position especially if you are a large choir in a compact space. Think about getting your choir on the stage when planning your running order. This will help them to relax and warm up and it will also save the distraction of shifting them around.


Choirs near me in California are likely to create a welcome variety for the audience by adding a wide range of musical styles. It is a great way to give budding solo singers a chance to perform. You can run a small series of workshops for a few singers from the choirs who will then perform in additional songs in the show to provide them with an alternative experience.